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Hi AM,

Myself Deepa, my skin Type is APST3(Oily acne prone) with open pores and dull skin. I am getting married in next 4 Months, I am trying to get rid of acne from many years, please help me in setting up my regimen as I am still getting pus filled new breakouts on entire face.

I currently following Starter Regimen (from past 2 weeks) which I feel quite good as my skin is getting adjusted to this regimen with few issues:

My routine is as:

– Cleanse face with Sebamed cleansing Foam, apply suncote sunscreen gel which is quite sticky but still fine. Wait for 5 mins and apply Sebamed clear face gel moisturiser.

I do have Kaya pigmentation reducer gel, but cannot apply in the morning after moisturizing as I will be at work.

– Evening back home, wash face with Kaya soothing gel and night apply Triacneal alternate nights, dab Kaya pigmentation gel on spots.

I m still seeing pus filled pimples more on Cheeks and also my skin gets too oily if I wash face with Sebamed and use Suncote or Sebamed clear face gel(I have checked with individual products), the face feels oily and shiny if iam following starter regimen cleansing.

Please help me in getting rid of Oilyness and shine on my face and old acne pimples spots are not at all reduced with Kaya pigmentation reducer gel(not even lightened the spots)

In between the regimen, i only added Kojivit (for spots) and Metrogyl (for new pus filled pimples to clear faster), but the acne spots still exists.

I need a gel/cream for clearing new pimple formed earliest and to fade acne spots completely. Also, I am planning to use Strea A15 capsules for open pores, wrinkles and dullness on skin. Please help me with your suggestions….

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Dee, congratulations on your upcoming wedding! I have a couple tips for you to get the best out of your current regimen.


Use Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel in the morning as well, before Sebamed Cleansing Foam. Then at night do the same thing – use Kaya Soothing Cleansing followed by Sebamed Cleansing Foam. I hope you are leaving the Sebamed Foam on for the duration mentioned on the bottle. This 2-step cleansing will help with reducing oiliness.


Is there a reason you’re using Triacneal only on alternate nights? Also are you using any makeup at all – powder, liquid foundation, blush etc.? How do you remove makeup, if any?


As mentioned in the regimen, you do not have to use Sebamed Clear Face Gel everywhere and not unless your skin gets dry. Only use it on the dry areas. Suncote is sticky, yes but it is also one of the safer sunscreens. I’m yet to investigate Sebamed SPF 30 sunscreen carefully because that’s getting good reviews too.


For one week, stop using Suncote and Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel. You’ll have to use a dupatta or something for sun protection during this time. This is to see if either of these products might be clogging your pores. They’re safe, but still, let’s be sure they are safe for you  too.


So use these products – Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel, Sebamed Foam, Sebamed Clear Face (if needed), Kojivit, Triacneal and Suncote.


Also, be patient, don’t rush into adding new products before you have figured out exactly what works for you. You’ve only been following the regimen for about 2 weeks. I understand you’re under great pressure and urgency to clear up the pimples, dark spots, dullness and wrinkles. You’re being too hard on yourself by setting yourself an “as soon as possible” deadline. Slow down.


With dark spots, you have to think in months, not days, so dark spots reducing “not at all” in 2 weeks is normal.


Let the skin start clearing up somewhat, then you could add Strea-A etc. Kojivit is pretty good for fading dark spots. Triacneal itself will help if you use it every night.


Thank AM for the detailed info.

Sure, will follow the 2-step cleansing for oiliness with Suncote gel & clear face gel only when needed.  I was using Triacneal on alternate as I saw it would dry too much on skin.

From this week, wil use Triacneal every night. I do not use any makeup on my skin as I am scared of pimples/rush in at once. After cleansing skin with Sebamed, apply Suncote & Clear face gel, I used to dab some Pond’s Sandal Radiance Talc to get rid of oily look after Suncote/moisturiser gel.

You have mentioned to use Kojivit Gel, Is it safe and doesn’t clog my open pores? When and how to use Kojivit Gel(full face or only spots?)

I usually get new pimples right next to old pimples which are clearing..

Also, do you have suggestions of any best gel/cream to suppress new pimples tht does not leav scars behind? (I tried AHA glow for new pimples, but it dries n leaves a patchy skin even left only for max 1 hour-but for sure it suppresses the pimple a lil bit)









Hi Deepa, don’t use Suncote. There was a typo in my previous answer. Triacneal itself is the acne cream. You do not need any spot treatment as such. You may still use Metrogyl since you have it with you.

Where did this Pond’s Sandal Radiance Talc come from? And you’re wondering why you’re still seeing pimples :roll:? Could you please stop using that for the time being?

I’m going out right now. I’ll post more details later.


Sure, will stop using Ponds talc. I was just dabbing a lil on my face will be oily after applying Suncote gel, cannot walk out to work with oiliness on my face

Will wait for any further details. Thanks AM


Hi Deepa, Congrats on your wedding.  You could do couple of things to speed up your regimen.

4 months is a decent time to get relatively clear skin.

Start using Triacneal every night once you are comfortable with it. I would say stick to only Kaya & Sebamed for cleansing as AM has suggested.

Please stop all kinds of talcum powders, kojivit gel, metrogyl etc right now.

What you can use for pus filled pimples are Faceclin Gel – clindamycin & nicotinamide which are good for inflammatory acne & will help in bringing them down quite effectively.

Use the faceclin or Clinagel in the mornings, wait till it dries , use the Suncote over it & resume your make up if any. Do not use Sebamed Clearface gel if your skin already feels oily.

Once you use Triacneal every night, you are bound to see good difference in 3 weeks in terms of acne reduction,scars, smoother skin.

Lastly, if nothing works for the pus filled pimples, the best solution is a 2.5 % Benzoyl Peroxide gel (Benzac AC) which you can use in the mornings instead of clindamycin. It is extremely effective in killing acne causing bacteria & is used worldwide in combination with tretinoin/ retinoids for achieving clear skin. Initially use it in the morning for about 2 hours as soon as you get up & wash your face. After 2 hours , you can wash it off & use the sunscreen. After a week, you can use it under your sunscreen regularly. It will dry up the pimples in 2 days & will slough off on it’s own. I’ve found it to be the most effective for pus filled pimples. Nothing else worked for me when I had painful acne.  Since you would be using it with Triacneal, watch out for excessive dryness & irritation. It also helps in controlling the oiliness which is a concern for you. Cut back on Triacneal if you feel too much redness or irritation on the skin. Otherwise with this regimen you should pretty much be fine. Let us know your results after 2 weeks. Best of Luck!!


Hi Deepa, so Pond’s Sandal Radiance Talc has stearic acid, which is comedogenic. Apart from talc itself. The problem of stickiness is understandable, but if you continue to use pore-clogging stuff, the skin will never clear up. There are other ways to prevent oiliness, as mentioned in the previous replies. By the way, powder is makeup.


It looks like you could use some reading up. Read this start page, this post about comedogenic ingredients and The Regimen Troubleshooting Guide. Many of the questions you have asked are already answered in the Troubleshooting Guide.


You know those people who keep posting their success stories with their regimens? I’ve seen a pattern. They followed the regimens, but they also read up all the background info freely available on this site as if their life depended on it. 🙂


No regimen can work successfully unless the user has acquired some background knowledge about the workings of it. For example, having read about comedogenic ingredients and Skingredients, one would immediately suspect anything that goes on the face.


When you start reading up what’s already given here, you will feel confident about using a regimen, and you won’t have to wait to “be told” what to do at every step. Good luck girl and keep us posted. 🙂


Hi AM,
Now most of my pimples are cleared, left over wit acne scars. I wud lik to add a sunscreen, but Suncote s makes my skin too oily/shiny greasy texture, pls help me wit ur suggestion on oily shine free sunscreen. I hav tried Lotus 3in1matte too, not much reduction in shiny face.


Till now I was only using 2step cleansing wit Kaya and sebamed clear foam which has cleared my pimples to certain extent, happy wit it.


Hi Deepa, congratulations on your clear skin! 🙂 I’m very happy for you.

It looks like cutting out Pond’s Radiance Talc helped. That Lotus 3-in-1 is comedogenic, by the way.

Coming to oiliness. If Lotus 3-in-1 wasn’t able to curb the oiliness, then I’m not sure if any other sunscreen is going to do any better.

There is one thing you could try. @ssureshbabu68 uses this technique. After Suncote has sunk into the skin, you could use a thin layer of calamine lotion such as Calak (not Lacto Calamine because it is comedogenic). This mattifies the face, but leaves a white cast on the skin.

Another solution is to use a face powder. You could try Maybelline Dream Matte Powder or L’Oreal True Match powder. They do not contain the pore-clogging stearic acid that Pond’s Gold Radiance contains. They do contain talc, which is slightly pore-clogging, but it’s worth a shot. Stearic acid is more than mildly comedogenic, so these two options are safer than Pond’s.

You might consider adding Triacneal again to clear up the rest of the pimples. Also, maybe share your success story as a blog post to inspire those who are still struggling? 🙂


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