Need to change regimen completely to target acne pits and holes


Hello everyone!

My earlier regimen (from nearly 3-4 months)was as follows:

Morning: Sebamed Foaming, then Lotus Herbals 3 in 1 safe sun spf 40 sunscreen.

Evening: Wash face with just water, nothing else. Sometimes-once in a week or 2 weeks, used Patanjali Saundarya Face wash for evening cleansing.

Night: Face wash-Ahaglow(2 months), Keracnyl (25-30 days) then currently Glomed(from 15-20 days). Then follow Face wash with cream- Clean n clear skin balancing(1 month), Garnier Light overnight (1 month), Cetaphil (anytime I felt dry), and Kojivit on dark marks, and currently using Triacneal-weekdays and Kaya night nourishing cream-weekends.

As stated, products of only night regime changed in these 4 months.


Now, I am targeting the dark spots and pits/holes caused by acne.

I will stick to formula of retinaldehyde (triacneal), Glycolic Acid (Triacneal), and vitamin C (Kozimax-yet to buy)

My questions are:

1. I want to drop Glomed as it is making my pitted scars appear more pitted (I feel this, it may not be true!). As Triacneal also has Glycolic acid, dropping Glomed will be okay. Then, can Kaya soothing cleanser be okay to replace Glomed?

2. Is Sebamed okay in it’s place? Should I replace it with some other face wash or continue using it?

3. Facemed is not available in my city. So Kozimax-5% kojic acid and 10% vit C, will be fine na?

3. I am going for Kozimax+Triacneal. And already have Kaya night nourishing cream with me. (Kaya night cause me blackheads on nose, not a problem though for me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just informed) So what can be my night regimen? Alternate nights Triacneal and Kozimax and Kaya on weekends? Or alternate nights Triacneal and Kaya, and Kozimax on Weekends (friday-saturday-sunday)?


Sorry for any typos in this. Thank you!

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I thnk you should stick to sebamed as its cleared your acne. If u get acne after changing sebamed,you wil dont change sebamed.
As u said,triacneal has glycolic acid,so u dont need glomed.(unless your face is v.oily)And this new kojimax cream that you are going to try shouldnt bring back acne.So think twice.i feel you can stick to kojivit.Its safe.


But kojivit is just kojic acid, without vit C. I want something with vit C, where Facemed is not available in my city (I contacted the ethicare’s distributor in my city). What may be other option? I know dr reddy’s capsules, but they are costlier like hell…. ๐Ÿ™ And I hope Kozimax won’t broke me out. I am APST 1.5 now (or APST 1 I can say!)

Okay, will stick to Sebamed. It’s superb anyways!

If, I get Kozimax, what do u think should be answer of 3 & 3 (both 3’s ) ๐Ÿ˜€

Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜€



Oh !! Is kaya night cream causing you black heads???. I was thinking my sunscreen(suncote and sunprotek) was the culprit for blackheads. When i changed them half of the blackheads were gone.



No @indurahul I use sunscreen daily. But notice blackheads only on saturday, sunday and monday morning, because I use Kaya night cream on friday, saturday and sunday night.

And my blackheads are not stubborn. they are mild. I apply proactiv mask on nose, on weekends after Kaya night cream. It works. So suncote and sunprotek causes blackheads? Thank you for informing! ๐Ÿ™‚


Anything new is a potential culprit.So you should think twice about trying kojimax.Sometimes what doesnt clog pores for another,could clog pores for just stick to what is known to work for you.,instead of tempting to try what somebody else has done!
If u so badly want to include vitamin c in your regime,why dont you supplement it in the form of vitamin c tablets?give a try!


I have tried Limcee (as suggested by AM when I asked about Amway’s vit C) But no use. Currently having Patanjali’s aloe vera and amla juice(vit c!). but can’t see any difference. May be AM is right, with respect to vitamin C, topical application is effective than oral. And why not, if taken orally, there are little chances that new collagen produced will be on face. Hence, give it directly on face.

But, no kozimax. Ok, you convinced me. So Facemed? no? then homemade serum as Lavanya once posted?


Limcee is vitamin c and its pretty cheap!Has anybody here taken limcee?@AM whats your take on limcee?you could also suggest some other vitamin c tablet thats cheap?
And the answer for the other 3 is dont go for kaya! Why do you want to use it when you know that its causing blackheads!You are using too many products Akshay.


Hiya @kriya, for Limcee discussion, see the zinc post I mentioned earlier. It’s all there in the comments.


Hey Akshay,
you have been experimenting a lot,if u ask me!Too many changes in ur nite facewash products:-)i think its best if u use sebamed in the morning,,the same at nites or kaya cleanser., alternate triacneal and kojivit in the nites.Is vitamin c gonna make that big a difference-i dont know. My concern would be not to induce new acne!Isnt triacneal and kojivit enough for pits and holes?

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