Suggestions for a non-comedogenic lip balm?


I seem to get a lot of pimples around my lips, a possible reason is my lip balms : Maybelline Baby Lips, Nivea Fruit Colour. Are they comedogenic?

How about glycerin and vaseline petroleum jelly ? Can you suggest some moisturizing lip balms, tinted lip balms, lipstick or lipglosses which are non comedogenic ?

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Lip balms often contain emollients such as lanolin, cocoa butter, shea butter and oils such as coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil which can clog pores around the mouth. Other commonly found comeodgenic ingredients in lip balms are isopropyl myristate (Maybelline Baby Lips has it) and certain waxes.

Avoid using lip balms that come in pots because touching your face will deposit lip balm on acne prone areas unless you wash your hands with soap after every use.

Vaseline petroleum jelly, the regular bottled version is considered safe for acne prone skin to use as lip balm. It is waxy and un-glamorous, but it is useful as a night lip treatment.

Another option is jojoba oil, which is considered safe for acne prone skin. Spreading a drop of jojoba oil all over the lips at night is another option.

Glycerin is iffy with acne prone skin. In the  right formulation, it is fine but the thick glycerin you get in pharmaceutical bottles may not be safe for acne prone skin.

For the adventurous, Lush has a product called Lush Ultrabalm that contains plant waxes and no petroleum jelly or mineral oils. Made with only 3 ingredients, jojoba oil, candelilla wax and rose wax, Lush Ultrabalm has been reported to be okay for acne prone skin.

This is not to say Lush Ultrabalm will not break you out, but its overall good reputation with acne prone skin and limited ingredients say something. It does come in a pot though, so wash your hands.

Tinted lip balms, lipglosses or lipsticks that claim ultra moisture or plumping effect seem to be more likely to cause acne. Also ones that travel outside the lip line. Make sure to remove lipstick with a makeup remover instead of just washing it off with a face wash. Use a separate cotton round to remove lip and eye makeup than the rest of the face.


So which tinted lip balm would be the best option ?


The safest one I have come across is Lotus Herbals Lip Therapy Lip Balm stick in Cherry which gives a sheer wash of reddish-pink colour to the lips without much gloss. I think it is this lack of glossy texture that prevents this lip balm from shifting much. Lotus Herbals lip balms are known to be effective – so that’s another plus point.

If this brand works for you, you can later try their pot lip balms too for a greater colour choice. Start with lip balm sticks instead of pots so the lip balm won’t accidentally get on your hands and then from hands to the face etc.

An important tip to remember when taking off lip products is to use a cotton round soaked in makeup remover / Johnson’s Baby Oil and rub it gently all over the lips and slightly around them. Then use a face wash to wash off the oil. Do not use the same cotton round for the rest of the face.

If you double-cleanse like this, you will be able to get away with almost any lip product.


Can u suggest me any lip moisturiser that is not in oil based and soothes my lips without feeling glossy or buttery. I don’t know why my lips are going darker there days plus drier.i am Not using any lipstick.


Priyan,check out post’ Doc prescribed sunscreen Revila spf 50 okay?’ u will get ur answers.

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