Oily shine on face due to sunscreen


Hi guys..ultimately it seems Melascreen is d  sunscreen which is suiting to my potentially acne prone  and  super sensitive skin. Lot of  thanks to ur sunscreen link.but now my problem is I am seeing a oily shine  over my face after application of sunscreen.Is it Ok sign or it may cause b breakouts? currently my regimen is

morning  -Acnestar soap  to wash my face and melascreen  and  lakme perfect radiance compact before stepping out

evening -Ahaglow face wash

night- wash  with acnestar (i think it helps to kill bacteria causing acne)andpersol(benzol peroxide) cream on pimples

please suggest me if it is ok or anythng I can do to deal with oily shine.

N  thank u guys for timely help.U people are really awesome.

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For a matte look, tons of people love Lotus Herbals 3-in-1 Matte Look Sunblock. But for a few people with highly acne prone skin have seen breakouts with it.


Another safer option for acne prone skin is Lotus Herbals Matte Gel. You could try the gel version and see if it works.


You were using Suncote before this. What happened?


suncote broke me out…unfortunately.:(


nam what bout lotus gel sunscreen?


I didnt try lotus gel sunscreen..tejupriya…as currently m using melascreen n thankfully no  breakout till now…will think of it after finishing the  bottle.I really wanna go for herbal sunscreen(lotusgel  is one) as melascreen is chemical one and it can be harmful in long run(I read it on one of d post here) and  melascreen is juz spf  18  so don know it can work with very high temperature in summer as i live in one of the hottest  city in india.But currently its working well so m happy.

yeah I can feel deyness n peeling with my  regimen but wanna see for few weeks as no new acne  are forming.Existing are healing.for dryness I m applying  alovera plant gel at night  n limited acnestar use for juz once at  night.will update u soon.


hi nam..congrats on ur progress 🙂
when it comes sunscreen there is nothing herbal..including lotus its all the same ingredients like titanium oxide,avobenzene,zinc much as companies wants to claim its herbal,sadly most of the time it aint herbal and contains extra artificial preservatives,chemicals etc..
peeling ,dryness will be there,add a oil free moisturizer..
if its too much skip 2-3 days until it becomes normal..
take care 🙂


thanks tejupriya..



hi nam are u?
finally u found a sunscreen that didnt break u out..
usually sunscreens tend to leave white cast or oil film..unfortunately it looks like melascreen is one of the them..use it sparingly and wait for a few minutes before u apply compact..if it doesnt cause breakouts then u can use it..
suncote is the good option that way but i think that breaks u out too..
acnestar,aha glow,bp all itself can cause peeling/dryness..

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