OMG.. an overnight flat mole on my face..


This seems to be a surprise and unfortunately in a bad way.  🙁  Today I have noticed a tiny black flat mole on my nose..  This really made me distress as I could see nothing else other than this #$%@# whenever I look into the mirror.

I read couple of home remedies like the ones here. Can anyone tell whether such remedies work for flat moles? will they leave any scars on the nose? shall I better consult a derma before experimenting myself as advised in some of the forums? apart from home remedies what treatments are available for removal of moles?

can anyone suggest a good derma in Bangalore particularly around Indira nagar area?

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Hiya Satya, yes, it can be a big surprise to see something like this on the face suddenly. Since you have no prior experience of dealing with moles, trying out home remedies could worsen the situation. Try to meet a dermatologist first. They may shrug if off saying it is nothing, but if it continues to bothers you say a week down the line, ask them about treatment options seriously. Dr. Sujaya Hegde and Dr. Mukta Sachdev are two dermatologists in that area that I’m hearing good things about.


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