Open large pores and pus filled whiteheaded acne along with acne scars and pits……


I was just looking for the acne products online when i came to know about this website.I find it really helpful and informative specially one of the only one with so much info about acne prone skin.

i have been facing acne problem for the last 10-12 years.I am 26 now.I have consulted quite a lot of skin doctors but nobody could help me out.The only medicine that helped me was Isotretinoin (Sotret) but the main problem with it are the side effects attached with it like extreme lip cracking and dryness followed with lethargy.So I stopped using it right now.

My skin is little different.Due to severe acne in my childhood it started causing damage to my skin by having very large open pores,acne scars, as well as uneven tone on my skin.Every now and then i have been encountered with big pus filled white headed acne on my face,shoulders,hips which gets off by time but leaves marks as well as large pits on my cheeks,side of the forehead etc.

Also my skin complexity is getting dark day by day.

Please help me out with the regimen that i should follow for the treatment of large open pores,acne scars, large pits and white headed pus filled acne.I have never tried retina-A gel so shall i go for it or not.



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Hi@cooljs05 🙂 if you were on isotretinoin then better to taper or stop under doctors guidance. You can apply tretinoin 0.025% cream on pus filled acne, it reduces its pain and heals them well. You can search about its reviews using search box. Tackle with acne then go for depigmentation cream for dark spots and scars. Use acnil soap or Dermadew acne soap if you have body acne and you can try sebamed cleansing foam as face wash. Read reviews of it and go ahead. Tretin helps as pore unclogger and also heals pus filled acne and also improves scars. Good luck 🙂


@cooljs05 include antioxidant tablets or multivitamins in your routine.


Hi @priya

Thanks for your valuable suggestion.

Firstly can I use tretinoin with sotret also? By tretin you mean tretinoin Right?

What can i use for large pores and pits?

Plz tell me if salicylic acid or glycolic acid could be of any help.



Isotretinoin is for systemic action where as tretinoin cream is topical application. So it would be over dose if you start applying better to consult doctor if you are not happy with it and fed up with its side effects.


@cooljs05 salycilic and glycolic acids are helpful in reduction of open pores and hyperpigmentation but if you have cystic acne better to avoid them. They are very useful when your face is clear with acne and left with pores and scars. Tretinoin cream is good for reduction of pores and acne and scars


@cooljs05 adelene nano gel is also good topical gel for cystic acne. Read reviews of it and ask your doctor if you could use it. Dont take self decisions for trying any product when you are on isotretinoin.


Hi Jayant, these are all good suggestions by @priya. Since the extent of the acne is on the body as well, you might have to consider oral medication. Isotretinoin is dangerous, but that is what may be needed. But before that, you might try Zinc or test for vitamin D deficiency. Both the posts related to it are currently showing on the front page of the website. There’s also ayurvedic Baidyanath Rakta Shodhak Bati that has worked for some of us here.

Oral medication or supplements work on the whole of the body inside and out, so you see an overall reduction. In the meantime, use a non-comedogenic or medicated body wash. Please just search for body washes for acne prone skin in the search box on the right. There are many. Be sure to use non-comedogenic products only.


Thanks @priya

I am not on isotretinoin now.Was just asking about the consequences.

Well as far as acne are concerned the frequencies of acne at least on the face have really reduced(1-2 large ones in 15 days or so) but left up with large pores and pits with blemishes of acne scars on my face which gives the texture of rough or not so smooth face.

I also have blackheads on the nose which definitely would be due to my extremely oily skin.

Well I actually don’t want to start with Isotretinoin again as it has a lot of side effects.


@cooljs05 do you have severe body acne??


@cooljs05 use sebamed cleansing foam in the morning followed by a sunscreen and evening use AHA glow face wash and nothing else. I had cystic acne 3 months back and i used only sebamed foam and sunscreen and nothing else. My acne has cleared and now i am on cpp. So first tackle with your acne and once you notice no new acne then go for pore reducer and depigmentation products.


Not so severe acne but yes i get one or two large ones in the back or buttocks every fortnight(15 days) and they are also pus filled whiteheaded.


Hi @acnemantra

Thanks for your kind reply.

I recently got tested for Vitamin D. It was found to be deficient.

So I started taking Vit D capsules but does it also causes Acne.

What is the role of Zinc in our body?


Hi Jayant, see this post about vitamin D and this one about zinc. The substances are both very helpful for acne. Go over the posts for more details. If you have any questions, please just post.


Hi @priya @acnemantra

Thanks for your valuable suggestion

I have shortlisted few products based on your reviews.Plz suggest accordingly

On face(with no acne at present but large pores and acne scars)

Sebamed cleansing foam in the morning

Sunprotek 50+ sunscreen (as my job involves going out in the sun)

Kojivit gel or any other De-pigmentation cream(Plz suggest some for acne scars)

acnelak soap for body acne

Sebamed cleansing foam followed by saslic ds/Glomed gel (plz suggest)

Plz suggest between adapelene or triacneal cream

Elovera lotion in case moisturizer is needed.



Heya @cooljs05 🙂
Morning :
Correct – Wash face with Glomed face wash ( if you don have active acne on face then no need of sebamed foam )
Preserve – Kojivit dab on marks
Prevent – Sunprotek 50 sunscreen
Night :
Correct – Cetaphil cleansing lotion or kaya soothing gel..kaya is better to remove dirt and sunscreen
Preserve – kojivit on marks
After cleaning face in the evening wait for 20min then apply Triacneal on face ( dont rub it to get absorbed ) and let it absorb on itself then dab kojivit on dark spots.
Your skin is not used to glycolic acid..@acnemantra it is better to use AHA glow instead of Glomed.


As you already have dry skin issue due to isotretinoin, its better to use Retino A or Tretin0.025% cream instead of Triacneal as Triacneal has glycolic acid and retinal it may over dry ur skin.



Please tell what to do in case the skin gets dry by using these products as my skin do get very dry after medicated products.



Use neutrogena Oil free moisturizer (without spf) on whole face day & night. Use the moisturizer 30 minutes before using Retino A on your face.



and please let me know how to use it and when to use the mosturizer (I mean after retino A or before retinoA , after/before kojivit ,after/before sunscreen and kojivit in the morning)


@cooljs05 , When you use Retino in the night, use the moisturizer after washing your face with kaya soothing gel. Apply moisturizer nicely, wait for 30 minutes & then apply Retino only a pea sized amount dotting it over your acne prone areas like cheeks, jawline, forehead etc & gently rub it in. Very gently & allow skin to absorb. Don’t touch your face after that.

In the mornings, apply kojivit first, allow 5 minutes to penetrate into skin, then apply moisturizer lightly followed by sunscreen.

Evenings same routine, It’s better to avoid using kojivit & retino both at the same time as it can irritate your skin. So best use kojivit in the morning only once a day & retino at night once a day.




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