Open large pores and pus filled whiteheaded acne along with acne scars and pits……


I was just looking for the acne products online when i came to know about this website.I find it really helpful and informative specially one of the only one with so much info about acne prone skin.

i have been facing acne problem for the last 10-12 years.I am 26 now.I have consulted quite a lot of skin doctors but nobody could help me out.The only medicine that helped me was Isotretinoin (Sotret) but the main problem with it are the side effects attached with it like extreme lip cracking and dryness followed with lethargy.So I stopped using it right now.

My skin is little different.Due to severe acne in my childhood it started causing damage to my skin by having very large open pores,acne scars, as well as uneven tone on my skin.Every now and then i have been encountered with big pus filled white headed acne on my face,shoulders,hips which gets off by time but leaves marks as well as large pits on my cheeks,side of the forehead etc.

Also my skin complexity is getting dark day by day.

Please help me out with the regimen that i should follow for the treatment of large open pores,acne scars, large pits and white headed pus filled acne.I have never tried retina-A gel so shall i go for it or not.



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You have explained very well regarding the usage.

Well I was going through the reviews of Neutrogena Oil free Mousturizer which is not so great.Does it contain comedogenic material?Most of the mosturizer doesn’t suit me and I started getting pimples.

Apart from it what other option do I have?

As far as mousturiser application is concerned so I shall use kojivit before mosturizer and retino after mosturizer right?



Please suggest some good non comedogenic shampoo and conditioner also as my hair is extremely rough and have heard that the shampoo can also induce acne.


Neutrogena Oil free is mostly non comedogenic & for tretinoin users, it should be fine. Retino is a pretty strong medication that it will outweigh the comedogenicity of neutrogena.

I’ve been using for couple of months now & am fine with it. I find it perfect & soothing for the skin. But your skin could be different so take it up carefully. You might also experience flare ups & big pimples within one to 2 weeks of retino usage (it’s quite normal for everyone & is called purging) , so don’t mistake that thinking the moisturizer is not suiting you.

I would have suggested Sebamed Clear face gel for you but it wouldn’t moisturize very effectively especially since you would be on Tretinoin.

I hope you know how to slowly build up the usage of retino in your routine & how to phase it in your regimen. Please hit search button for retino posts so that you can be absolutely clear on how to start it. I have replied to quite a few queries in detail on how to use it & how to apply moisturizer etc. if you wish you can read up all that before proceeding with this.

and yes, kojivit followed by moisturizer & sunscreen in the morning, nights moisturizer – wait 30 minutes – then retino.


Hi @cooljs05 ๐Ÿ™‚ you can clean your face in evening with kaya soothing gel when you are back from work and before you sleep at night wash face with cetaphil cleansing lotion and then wait for 20 min and then apply retino A and dab kojivit on dark marks. This routine doesnt cause dryness to much extent. In case you feel much flaking then apply Nutrogena oil free moisture for combination skin only on dry areas after applying retino A..Hope i have cleared your doubt ๐Ÿ™‚
Btw what is your skin type?


I dunno much about shampoo causing acne..i have curly and dry hair . I use Himalaya protein shampoo weekly twice and i didnt get any back acne with it.



How shall i get to know about my skin type?


@cooljs05 type in search box “figured your acne prone skin type” ll get to know your skin type



Type 3



I am highly sensitive towards moisturizers as most of the regularly used cause breakouts.Plz suggest the best one.Even herbal would do.


@cooljs05 if you are apst3, then the safe moisturisers are sebamed clear face gel (pricey) and Aloe veda aloe vera gel (strong fragrance)..its up to you to choose in between two ๐Ÿ™‚


@cooljs05 top of site, click on acne regimen and in that click on budget regimen. In budget regimen, you ll find the difference between budget and starter regimen. In that, retino A is mentioned in blue on it there is a detail info regarding retino ll get clarity ๐Ÿ™‚

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