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What attracts you highly in opposite sex?

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To fulfill LD’s dream we need to bring Shahrukh Khan or Salman Khan. 😛


I’m immensely attracted to submissive women.


Ooooh!! Interesting Question & I’d so love to answer this!!

Clean, Clean & Clean ( I really want to repeat this a 100 times actually) Men, clean shaven, good smelling aftershave, deo, perfume etc , courteous & polite men, Good clothes & basically someone with an outstanding sense of humour!! But it’s just a dream I guess, is there someone who possesses all these qualities actually?

Do you fit the bill venki? 🙂


I think I need to edit my answer. Here it goes…

I’m immensely attracted to beautiful and submissive women.



Me? Damn it ! You should find it out by yourself.


Šubmissive women!?? look at the MCP that venki is turníng out to be:-);-jus kidding venki(i dont want a scorpio to take things to heart and suffer the wrath!!))iguess you are watching lots of serials coz thats were submiśsive women exist:-)Beautiful is a quality that obviously attracts All:-)Goes without saying.Weł,in a Man,i would be attrácted to his respect for women,sense of humor,courteous behaviour and last but not the least,a charming face and a fit physique:-)



Keep trying Venki. You may find someone of your choice on AM itself.

A man who is not dominating, loving ,understandable and understanding is a good man. I think  a man with all this will be present on Mars.



My girl would kill me if I try. 😛

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