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Can I use Ketonext AF for face as well?

Hi AM, I am again suffering from the iching acne on my face.. especially forehead, side cheeks and chin. Initially I was trying some neem tulsi home packs but in vain. Finally I went to a dermatologist today and he prescribed following. ‘Onon ketoconazole soap’ for washing the face ‘Hydrofil’ in the morning as a […]

May 6 Shiks
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Pimples on one side of the face

Hi, I am 33 years old and have one daughter. I have very dry skin, have always been fair and flawless until recently.  Like you have mentioned somewhere, all my life I. Had typeA. Skin. Any face wash, any soap,  any cream, any moisturiser would be alright. But a year now and y skin has […]

May 5 Vera
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Oily skin??

hey friends i recenttly joined your community and AM you are doing great for us . ok lets get to my question i am a 16 years old guy and suffering from acne ,scars ,dark marks and oilyness .i dont know what to do plz help me guyzz. Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Dark Spots […]

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Cosmonova nufair for scars and dark spots??

Anyone tried cosmonova nufair?? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Dark Spots / Scars May 5 cartoon network

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How to reduce red scars?

Hello, How are you?Hope you are going great guns.I am using your Starter Regimen from last 1 week.New pimples are not coming up.But,there are two areas in face where red scars has grown up considerably.There were no such scars before following Starter Regimen.Scars are looking horrifying.Kindly suggest what should I do? Votes: 0 Answers: 6 […]

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My Regimen for aggressive acne and hyper-pigmented scars

Hi friends @acnemantra, my previous thread please help me-aggressive acne and acne scar problem got lengthy, so i decided to start a new one. just a recap-i was getting red big painful acne not heeling for weeks and left brown derma prescribed me  lymecycline for 15 days and topicals morning-vulros soap(bp-2%) and A-CN cream(clindamycin 1%, […]

May 3 Bargavi R
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I m using hexilak gel for acne scars  from past 4 months …but not effective ..there is no change in scars!!!! plz help…suggest me any facewash,cream or treatment that will eliminate my scars ..!!! review about microdermabrasion on acen scars !!! Votes: 0 Answers: 2 May 4 akki

May 4 akki
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Amla Capsules as alternative to Baidyanath Rakt Shodhak Bati.

@acnemantra  Hii AM! I am soo happy! I think i have found AN EXTREMELY SAFE AND EFFICIENT ALTERNATIVE OF “BAIDYANATH RAKT SHODHAK” Bati. U must have read what i said about AMLA and AMLA CAPSULES here – . I have been taking these Amla Capsules since last 1 week and I must tell you […]

March 31 nerd
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Regarding moisturizer and spot treatment of acne

Hello Acne Mantra!I have been using AHAGLOW facewash since about 6 months.I have been avoiding moisturizers ever since I started getting pimples last year.I have used Lacto Calamine for a few months but I am unsure if it’s moisturizing enough and non-comedogenic.I would like to know if Clean and Clear Skin Balancing moisturizer  will be […]

May 1 Ayushi
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Black heads: extraction

AM, do black heads need to be extracted? A non-medical, spa skin-consultant told me existing black heads could not be cleared from the skin unless extracted regardless of medicated treatments. Isn’t it advisable NOT to pick or squeeze pimples? Votes: 0 Answers: 8 May 1 Phil

May 1 Phil


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