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Just quit the Keracynl regime..wasnt helping! Dunno whether it was worth it!

Hey AM I might be a new member but I am not new to this website! AM and also Tejupriya have really helped me so far! So here goes my story- I do not have severe acne but I am amongst those people who get them on and off in small numbers but when they […]

May 3 Pooja
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Give your suggestions

Before 1 year I give pimples traetment ….my face is full of big type of pimples filled with pu… near about 4 months my face clear….but now the pimples are starts as usual…..please suggest me one best cream for pimples. …dr advise me clinoxid gel 5%, sebonac, Nadoxin A, Nilac-A gel, Deriva cms gel Votes: […]

May 2 sujit
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Sebamed vs Aloe Veda

Hii Friends, Could you please help me out in comparing Sebamed Clear Face Gel v/s Aloe Veda Aloe Gel in terms of moisturising capabilities.. I am on Isotretinoin medication and just want to use a light moisturiser to combat dryness.. As it is summer so i dont need a thick one.. Neutrogena Oil Free moisturiser […]

April 9 Daksh
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Living Proof Ultra Mild UV White Moisturiser SPF 20 anyone?

Hi guys, has anyone used Living Proof products? I’ve used Living Proof scrub, the toner and their Cell Renewing Moisturizer. They are all non-comedogenic and none of them broke me out. Their Deep Cell Cleansing Gel broke me out. See all Living Proof products here. In my hunt for a moisturizing sunscreen, I’ve come across Living Proof […]

November 21 AM
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What products would be suitable for a person with APST 3 with polycystic ovarian disease.

I have very much oily and acne prone skin. i suffer from PCOD but since few months my menses are regular  with normal flow and i am not on any medications. but every month i get at least 1 or 2 pus filled pimples and this used to happen even before i had pcod. they […]

April 29 anushree
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A guide for Dermatologists, Clinics, Treatments, Costs

Hi @acnemantra, You would be extremely busy and i am not sure if it is right on my part to trouble you. You have thrown us a light on several products and procedures pertaining to acne treatments and topicals that we ourselves can do. As a next step, if you could guide us to the […]

April 19 Boss
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Will spf moisturiser and sunscreen cancel out each other?

Hi AM, I have clinique super defence moisturiser and fores essenial sanjeevani elixir.i would love o use both of them.but since they have spf..i should use i during the day.if i apply my regular sunscreen (ansolar,suncoe)on top of  these..will the effectiveness of sunscreen decrease?how can i apply them Votes: 0 Answers: 2 Categories: Moisturizers / […]

May 1 radhika
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Redness and is Dermonu Cream effective for acne scars?

Thanks. …1.can u plz tel….to reduce & remove the redness in natural way or any …. 2.about food items which help for skin regeneration. …. 3.In tele brand I saw a advertisement dermono product for regeneration the skin…I don’t know about that… dat any regenerating skin in Indian product Votes: 0 Answers: 3 Categories: Acne […]

May 1 prince
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Regarding Retinol and viamin c usage

Hi AM, can i use retinol based products like strea and neutrogena healthy skin night cream with bioderma white objective serum or strea c10.Can you please guide me how to use them.Also while using reinol..can i use a moisturiser like cetaphil on top of it? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Doctors / Medical Treatment May […]

May 1 lachu
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Bioderma suncreens best choice

I have read great reviews on bioderma sunscreens both spot spf 50+ and max fluid spf 50+/uva 38. i wanted to know what exactly is the difference among the two and which one will be better suited for an apst 3 type of oily skin? Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Categories: Moisturizers / Sunscreens May 1 […]


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