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ACNE problem:

Hello AM, I m 21 and i m suffering from a ACNE problem from many year, i went to docter also, and during treatment, my ACNE get over from my face, but after my treatment gets over, then after 1-2 months its get again on my face, and I scratch them with my nail, anf […]

January 18 Arv
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Non-comedogenic moisturizers for oily and acne prone skin,gel or water bases please suggest

Hi @acnemantra my dermatologsit has suggested me to use acne moist. but i havent got any good reviews about it. I also went thorugh Acne mantra’s list of 12+ best moiusturizers for oily skin. but i am still confused which one to buy. Sebeamed is way to expensive. But my skin is quite oily and […]

April 28 anushree
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Will going all natural work? I've briefed my story

Hey, guys. I have been following the community for quite sometime now, honestly, only when I needed to view the revision of the products that made me susceptible to comedonal acne. The blog is the best one, that I have come across so far. I am 23 now. First 22 years were the most blissful years of my […]

April 30 Sweety
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Daily face wash and toner for CTM

Hey all, I planning to start CTM routine. Currently I am one acne treatment. Will probably start CTM once I am done with acne treatment. Will give some time for skin to settle down. 1. What is the best face wash for men. Which can also be used a exfoliating. Cetaphil daily facial cleanser or […]

April 29 Rakesh
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Regimen for sensitive skin and light hyper pigmentation

Hi, I am 35 yrs old with sensitive fair skin.I have light brown hyperpigmentayion on both cheeks. My current regimen includes. Oriflame optimals face wash. Sensimoist from cheryls + photobloc spf 50. At night aroma magic dryness oil or patanjali aloe vera gel. Recently I got some pimples on right side near cheeks don’t know […]

February 6 Varsha
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Need help for cystic acne :

Hi everyone! I’m a new member in this community. Although I have been following the website for quite a while now! I have an acne skin type 3. I had started using your recommended products about 6 months back. sebamed cleansing foam and aha glow for cleansers, sebamed care gel for moisturizer and suncote for sunscreen. I also […]

April 28 nita shenoy
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Exfoliation and Whitehead

Q.1 What care should be taken or what product (safe) can be applied AFTER EXFOLIATION so that whiteheads don’t appear on face due to exfoliation? Q.2 @acnemantra How about devoting a post completely on WHITEHEADS, given the fact that for some ppl even the salysylic and glycolic acid containing products, exfoliation, hormonal problems etc. cause […]

April 26 nerd
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Acne spots on my face

hi from where i can get all the prodcut for acne problem Votes: 0 Answers: 1 Tags: acne dark sopts Categories: Acne Creams / Spot Treatments April 29 Meena K

April 29 Meena K
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Hyperpigmentation due to hydroquinone cream

Hi acnemantra, I am 23 with some serious hyperpigmentation problem. wheatish complexion and oily skin type. I get pimples rarely but whenever I get the spot takes more than 6 months to go fully. few months ago was suffering from 2 cystic acne I used sos spot correcting gel of oriflame for 2 weeks when […]

April 28 esha
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Want to know which regime to my mixed APST

Hi AM, I have oily T-zone, Chin and nose region APST 3  Fore head lil less oily, But my cheeks are dry. when i use total oil free my cheeks get dry and start itching. Please let me know if there is any product i can use as both face wash and cleanser. I presently use […]

February 5 Bhagyalakshmi


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