Photo facial laser treatment for acne and pores?


hello sir.

i went to see dermatologists and i have taken photo facial laser treatments for my acne scars and redness..two treatments have helped me my redness but still blemishes come on my face and pores are not reduced..should i go further treatments..i want to see some drastic improvement in a month as my college are re opening

this is my regine have been following it for 1.5 months

1- sebamed face wash

2- clindac a gel

3- photoban – 30 aquagel

4- yugard cream

what i can do more to fasten the process and what supplements i can take to improve my skin?what creams i can include?

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Jayesh, you’re seeing the results a photo facial is meant for – mainly redness reduction. A series of 6 treatments is often advised for a measurable difference. It will not do much for indented scarring, so no point continuing with it if you’re not feeling happy.

If you have depressed acne scarring, you will benefit more from dermaroller treatment than a photo facial treatment. Discuss this with your derm. 

But there is something more important to address first. While you are still getting breakouts, you cannot possibly benefit too much from these costly scar treatments. New acne will cause new scars. It is best to get the acne situation more or less under control first before trying clinical acne scars treatments, don’t you think?

Your skin care routine sounds fine, although I would replace the Photoban sunscreen with Suncote gel. If Clindac A is not being enough to crub breakouts, you probably need oral antibiotics for a short while. Again, your doc will prescribe you that. 

So two things to discuss with your derm – dermaroller + oral medication


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