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I am 33 years old and have one daughter. I have very dry skin, have always been fair and flawless until recently.  Like you have mentioned somewhere, all my life I. Had typeA. Skin. Any face wash, any soap,  any cream, any moisturiser would be alright. But a year now and y skin has gone for a toss. Recently, I have had pimples on the lower part of my cheek and chin and they keep coming and going constantly and what is funny is, it’s on my left side of the face. Left part of the nose too.  They are not big but they irritate me and I am crazy conscious because I have never in my life had a pimple, except and occasional one during my period.  It’s very disturbing. They have white pus but they aren’t very big. I recently scratched a lot of them on my cheek and they have left dark spots. No scars, thankfully, just spots. I used to use Kailash jeevan all the time but now I am scared to use anything. I like in USA so I have no clue what to get here. Because most creams on your site are available in I did. My skin is dry and I don’t have any pimples on my forehead but cheek and chin. Please help me. What should I do.?

please help.

Thank you.


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Hi Vera, would you post the full list of products you are using currently? All skincare, makeup etc.? For your kind of skin, very often removing the culprit products brings acne under control. This is the first step.


Yes, I can tell you about products you can buy in the U.S.


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