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Hie guyz i am planning to take on safi as my ayurvedic treatment,but need your suggestion that should i take it or not ??? does it help??

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Safi is useless….no results……
Go for triphal churna for acne
And go for baidyanath raktashodhak tablets for oilyness of skin
These are far more effective ayurvedic options as compared to safi


I had used Safi as well. Didn’t work at all. I consumed it for like 6 months and never gave me any results. Moreover it tastes pathetic.

By the way, safi is not Ayurvedic medicine, it belongs to Unani medicine category.

Start consuming Green tea. It quenches free radicals and helps to combat against pollutants. And in the long run this does show effect on one’s face 🙂



Try the below link. It might help you

Amla Capsules as alternative to Baidyanath Rakt Shodhak Bati.

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