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Hi everybody @acnemantra, recently i’ve had alot of free time lately so i decided to use this time to research for more skincare products that are suitable for acne prone skin especially apst 3 like mine .i actually found alot of products that seem to be friendly and i really want to try,but my many of the products in my research are not available in india, but i still found quite a good no of products that are widely available in India..

So i don’t think i can put the ingredients in the post cause it will overload lol,but i will be mentioning if the product contains any comedogenic ingredient in a scale of:-
1=Mildly comedogenic – 2 =Comedogenic – 3 = Highly comedogenic and this sign -x-means it is completely Non Comedogenic!
If i have any errors or mistake somewhere ,then im sorry for that but hopefully i’ve double checked them anyways Here goes :-
Yes ,we all know how important cleansers are infact the key the great skin starts from cleansing
1)L’OREAL Revita Lift Milky Foam -x- (Contains not even a single comedogenic ingredient. also has Bha and and glycerine to battle dryness.)
2)Seba med ANTI DRY SKIN CARE Wash Emulsion -x-
3)H2O+ anti acne clarifying face wash- Butylene Glycol-1
4)The Body Shop Moisture White Shiso Cleansing Powder – Talc-1
4)kaya skin awakening rinse – Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate-1 , Triethanolamine -1
6)L’OREAL Go 360 Clean Deep (all of them) – Sodium Laureth Sulfate 1
I cant live without one , its actualy works for me!
1)H2O+ Marine Calm Balancing Toner -x-
2)H2O PLUS Aqualibrium Marine Tone – Butylene Glycol-1
3)Seba med Visio Gentle Toner -x-
4)SHISEIDO White Lucent Brightening Refining Softener Enriched
Tocopherol-1 (tocopherol is basiclly Vitamin e which is an antioxidant)
5)Clinique Clarifying Lotion 4- Butylene Glycol-1
6)Kaya White Resilience Refining Mist – Peg 40 Hydrogenerated Castor oil -1
7)Body Shop Nutriganics Refreshing Toner -x-
1)POND’S gold radiance precious youth serum – Butylene Glycol-1
2)SHISEIDO white lucent spot targeting serum plus – Dimethicone-1 Butylene Glycol-1
3)Body Shop nutriganics drops of youth -x- (contains Benzoic Acid which might me mildly clogging)
4)L’OREAL hydrafresh allday hydration deep boosting essence-Butylene Glycol 1  Dimethicone 1

1)Kaya Super Orange Bloom Skin Awakening Gel- Peg 40 Hydrogenerated Castor oil -1
2)Sebamed Visio Active Hydro Gel -x-
3)Sebamed Derma Hydrating Body Gel -x- (im sure u can use this on face)
4)SHISEIDO WhiteLucent Brightening Moisturizing Gel-Dimethicone -1Tocopherol-1
5)L’OREAL YOUTH CODE Rejuvenating Anti-Wrinkle DAY Cream -Dimethicone
6)L’OREAL Dermo-Expertise Hydrafresh Aqua-Essence(pink container) Triethanol amine -1 Dimethicone -1
Body Lotions:-
1)Sebamed Anti-Dry Hydrating Body Lotion -x-
2)Sebamed Anti-Ageing Q10 firming body lotion -x-
H2O plus WATERWHITE ADVANCED BRIGHTENING MASK-Butylene Glycol-1 Triethanol amine-1
L’OREAL Advanced RevitaLift Mask – Retinyl Palmitate 1
This list was made by me insearch of more items to be safe with and i thought “why not share it?” and so i decided to share this and i hope it is useful to you =)
So as you can see that all the above have none or only mildly 1 or 2 comedogenic ingredient i think most of them would be safe for APST -3 and if anyone wants more detail like full list ingredient or more items from outside india ,just say so 🙂 Enjoy and wish you all happy skin!


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Great stuff lima!:)


Lima this is just WOW! You’ve done amazing research into so many products. This is going to benefit so many people. I’ll be adding these products to the reviews section to include their ingredients, price, comedogenicity information. Hopefully people will try some of these products and share their own experiences with them as well. Once again, kudos, I’m so proud of you! 🙂


Goodmorning @acnemantra @nimi 🙂 thanks you for your kind words and im so glad to help 🙂

i am continuously getting new products to my document list, when i get enough i’ll give them :))



Great stuff Lima @limalkr ! Can you suggest any toner that reduces pore size?


Wow! great work @limamkr .most of your products are from sebamed or l’oreal.i am guessing they re not really economic like most of their products.can you please try to add something budgetarian too?  thanks.still this is great stuff 🙂


Good job compiling this list – hopefully some of these would be good for us. But i have noticed that although the non-comedogenic products are safer for us, but still there is no guarantee that they will not break you out or suit your skin. Just like Bioderma fluid sunscreens – they did not have any comedogenic ingredient – but still didn’t work out for me and i got many tiny bumps.

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