Please help me- aggressive acne and acne scar problems?


Hi guys,

i am Bargavi from TN.before asking your suggestions let me present my case history.please tolerate friends it going to be a lengthy one.

it all started when i was diagnosed with papillary cancer-thyroid at the age of 18 when i was doing per my doctors suggestion i got my entire thyroid gland removed and ever since i am consuming eltroxin-300mg to suppress TSH, calcium-500mg, iron everyday.every  year i stop eltroxin for 30 days, let my TSH rise above 30 and take in a radio-active iodine capsule followed by a whole-body scan after 4 days to make sure my cancer hasn’t come back.after this process i increase my eltroxin intake gradually by taking 100mg-week 1, 200mg-week 2 and 300mg from week 3.

today i am 21. this year’s procedure ended on february tsh rose to 93.i am suffering severe hair fall ever since.i ve taken biomin tablets for 3 weeks and now i am taking essvit also using kera xl hair serum for about 10 days but nothing seems to improve.

i am getting pimples which re red, big, takes weeks to disappear  since december and it disappears leaving a big dark for my regimen i use

aha glow face wash-in morning and night

himalaya neem face wash after getting home

suncote sunscreen and on top of it lakme perfect radince compact(i was using lakme 9 to 5 till january)

my doc prescribed me tretin-0.025% pimple cream which i use only at night.

i don’t use moisturiser because of my oily skin but when needed i use Johnson baby oil.for spots i ve fed up on medical products and currently  i am using only turmeric when i am home.on working days i use spadigaram stone (the one  our grandpa uses after shaving).

i ve tried glyco-6 cream it gave me pimples so did suncros sunscreen and kojivit.benzac was good but it didnt work on my aggressive pimples and on my mild pimples it left a dark dark spot.

please note friends i ve a mild case of dandruff for which i am using biotique-margosa shampoo and i got stress issues too.cos i am a CMA-finalist appearing on june 2014.

any advice ll be useful to me.thank you in advance.

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Hi Daksh,

A-CN cream is manufactured by Yash Medicare and marketed by Eskon Pharma.20gm tube costs 94INR.i apply it all over my face and leave it on for a couple hours’s base is made of aloe and i don’t need a moisturer when i am using this.please note if you got oily skin it ll only make you much oily.

regarding the question of antibiotic and anti-bacterial-Antibacterials are agents that only kill and stop the growth of bacteria, while antibiotics are agents that kill and stop the growth of bacteria, fungi and sometimes viruses. All antibacterials are antibiotics, but all antibiotics are not antibacterials. Antibacterial is one of the class of generally an antibacterial is not as powerful as an antibiotic.thus less harmful.

i am not saying it is not harmful at is.but only less compared to antibiotic and antibiotic is less harmful compared to retinoid.

and lymecycline is an antibiotic that fights only bacterias hence making it an antibacterial medicine.

you too take care!


I understand Daksh. you said you got pimples two months back.can you remember what happened two months back?did you try any new products or change your diet, or something like that?

you said you got sensitive come you never had any pimples until two months before?what products were you using before that?


Hey Bargavi, are you using Vulros for body or face? I think you once told about Himalaya neem soap, does that make skin dry?


I use vulros soap only on my face @catonthewall .i still use only himalaya neem for my’s good for is drying a bit but i need such strong soap for the winter when i feel like it’s drying my skin i use himalaya almond far it’s been good to me.

summer-himalaya neem&turmeric soap

winter-himalaya almond soap.

by the way i read good things about fiama di wills body wash in the reviews section.did you check that out?


I have tried the almond soap from Himalaya and found it neutral, it didn’t dry skin, but didn’t moisturize either.

Thanks Bargavi, I checked Fiama Di Wells shampoo after your comment and it seems good, I will try soap version of it for the starter..


Ok they got many soaps and shower gels in exotic flavours.choose the best one for you.good luck sandy 🙂


Hi Bargavi,

I never had acne problems.. Its since two months i am going through hell .. I always used minimal products.. I started facing dilated pores issue since October month last year.. Since then i was trying few home remedies for it .. Also being winter months i used Neutrogena Oil free Moisturizer and was using Sebamed in the evening which i didnt know  cant deep clean the skin .. So may be its Neutrogena moisturizer or few other possible culprits like Biotique Burberry cleanser ,Suncross Aqualotion , Cetaphil cleanser, Lotus Apriscrub , Aroma Magic skin toner..


So in short i am myself not sure what triggered acne in my case.. But there have been quite a few under the skin bumps on my face also known as comedones due to all these things being used up and then these comedones started getting inflamed and popping up.. My doc said i have serious comedonal acne (all under the skin bumps) and thats why he put me on Isotretinoin…

I am kinda so depressed with these things that i have socially withdrawn myself.. Left my gym and everything.. I dont know what next.. 🙁

Good Night !!


Also please do tag my name when you reply otherwise i dont get any notification .. And that way i never come to know u have posted a reply till i open this question and check out manually ..


Ok @dennisdips good morning! first of all stop all the home remedies and please don’t socially withdraw yourself.pimples are just’s nothing to be ashamed of.with the level of medical facilities even life threatening diseases are curable.this is after all just pimples.

if you re still not ready to face the world you can try concealers until you get your pimples in control.also there is an article “makeup tutorial for men to coverup pimples” -these are just to increase your confidence to face outer world not a remedy.

and your doctor is right.under the skin bumps can be treated best only with retinoids.but that doesn’t mean you ve to take them orally.i got lot of under the skin bumps too.i treat them tretin-tretinoin 0.025%.the only good thing under the skin bumps is unlike cysts you can easily cover them with makeup and tretin heeled them in 5-7 days for me.have you tried that?

what are the products you re using currently?


Hi Bargavi ,

No i dont use any such home remedies now.. Nothing goes on my face  now except prescribed medicines..

Doctor prescribed me Moiz cleansing lotion.. Its an alter ego of Cetaphil.. I didnt find Cetaphil good enough as a cleanser and also it might be one reason of my clogged pores.. Cant say … So I am using Sebamed or Aderma Foaming gel in morning followed by Nadoxin gel .. I also Aloe Veda aloe gel after it to combat dryness…

In evening  Doctor asked me to use Kojivit and Rejuglow at alternate nights for my marks.. But first i want to get rid of these unwanted and overstayed guests and then i will focus about acne marks.. So I am using Himalaya face wash followed by Nadoxin gel again.. Thats all ..

As of oral meds i am taking zinc, isotretinoin , Vit E , Anti allergic ( all prescribed by doc) .. Will start off with Hair fall medicine also ..


No i havent tried tretinoin on my face.. I have  only tried Epiduo  (adapalene + BP 2.5% ) for few days.. It makes my chin and lower part of  face extremely  dry.. I have used it on and off  to see how does it react to my skin..I have even kept it on my skin for an hour or so and washed it off to reduce its drying side effect..  My skin starts to purge after few days of its application which i assume is a sign of its working.. As they say its going to get worse before it gets good..


The problem i think  in my case is under the skin bumps dont  heel  like yours instead i face purging .. i.e. they surface over the skin and in two three days become pus filled .. But again this is the experience with Epiduo .. Cant say the same thing will happen with Tretinoin .. I desperately want something which dissolves these under the skin bumps and unclog these clogged pores without pushing them out on my skin in form of  a inflamed pimple…  :wondering:

Do you think i should try Tretinoin given the fact its such a strong acne medication ??  Also as you have used BP i wanted to ask does BP darkens the acne marks making them linger on for a long time ??


Good Night…

I know i have posted such a long comment… Apology !!



Hope that the prescribed regimen is working for you. You had mentioned that the pores are tightened. So i guess the dermat u are consulting now is good. Can you plz tel me if u are in chennai. Cos i am in chennai and am looking out for a good dermat. You can check my current situation from the pics in profile(media).


Also can you suggest any products from your regimen which would help me??

currently am oly using Retino-A 0.05 along with zoray aquagel.



Hi @boss i am not from chennai.are you using retino only on pimples or all over the face?

i looked at the profile pics.the first thing that came to my mind is that you should use a skin whitening cream .you can try kojivit but it ll bring a difference only in a month or so. instead you can try skin rejuvenating cream glyco6 or glycoA it ll bring whitening effect too by repairing damaged skin cells.

from my regimen i would say, try A-CN has nicotinamide(4%) which has anti-inflammatory properties and it base is made of aloe and allantonin and allantonin is used as a moisturizer to treat or prevent dry, rough, scaly, itchy skin and minor skin irritations .my pores ve tightened cos i had lot(really lot) of whiteheads around my nose ans Saslic-DS got rid of them.

what are the products you re using currently?


Ok @dennisdips

so your regimen is morning-sebamed or a-derma followed by nadoxin and aloeveda aloevera

evening-supposed to apply kojivit or rejuglow and himalaya neem face wash and nadoxin.hope i got it right.

sebamed and a-derma are good cleansers especially when you re in strong medication.on the other hand though i like himalaya neem cos it didn’t break out, i ve to say it left my skin a bit dry.with isotretinoin your skin ll become much dry(that’s the heeling process) and i would suggest you quit that and use sebamed or aderma in the evening too.

isotretinoin, zinc and nadoxin should be enough to cure the pimples Daksh.don’t add too many products which may just delay or disturb the heeling process.your doc has given you vitaminE to combat dryness.if that and aloeveda is not enough.try AM’s glycerin infused moisturiser.

for darkmarks i think it’s better you start kojivit right now.cos it’s a safe and slow ll able to see a difference only in a month or so and it doesn’t cause breakouts.starting it after you fix your pimples means it ll take longer time for you to get the skin you want.

regarding BP, i ve used benzac-AC 2.5% which left dark spots and left my skin insanely dry.but right now the products vulros soap-2% BP, and cindoxyl which has 5%BP has not dried out my skin excessively or made the dark marks much darker.but yes the pimples once healed are leaving spots cos i am doing nothing about them right now.

and to protect your skin further make sure you use broad spectrum sunscreen while going out.



@dennisdips don’t try tretinoin or any other product now.stick to your regimen for sometime and let the products work on your skin.remember when it comes to heeling acne, the key is patience.something we all lack.but understand even in hi-fi treatments like dermaroller or peels you ve to undergo several sittings wait for a couple months to let them long ve you been on isotretinoin and when did your doc asked you come again?  mine asked me to come back in a month.

you said you ll start anti-hairfall that precautionary or remedial?



.you can try kojivit but it ll bring a difference only in a month or so. instead you can try skin rejuvenating cream glyco6 or glycoA it ll bring whitening effect too by repairing damaged skin cells.

from my regimen i would say, try A-CN has nicotinamide(4%)

Thanks for your response. I did try kojivit. Did not work so well for me. I had used it for over a month. I tried kaya pigmentation reducer in the past too. Even i am looking for a whitening cream to target the dark patches in my face. there are lots.. 🙁

Glyco 6 Cream

Glyco A Glycolic Acid Cream 12%

From what i understand.. GLYCO-A seems to be a better alternative. Do you think that could help me. or should i go for A-CN. As of now.. i just ve lot of pitted scars and no acne. It rarely pops up.

The products that i currently am using are

Facewash: Ahaglow, sebamed cleansing foam, himalaya neem face wash.

Cream: Retino-A (only on the cheek where the pitted scars are there)

Sunscreen: Zoray Aquagel.(During daytime)

Thank u once again


@boss I think you have to check on dermaroller sessions if you haven’t already. Because Glyco A can make pits more visible – “Brings out appearance of pits due to cleaner skin” as said in the review in your link. And I think it is true as I am seeing new pits even with my usage of Glomed facewash because it exfoliates so well that the dead skin cells are washed out leaving tiny pits.

ACN will prevent and control pimples and to a certain extent minimize pigmentation and it doesn’t work on pitted scars. Actually creams and gel don’t work much in pitted scars department.



@boss like @catonthewall said topicals cannot completely heel the skin as if there were no scars but only reduce them to considerable extent.still many people look better with such improvement on their skin.if you want to eradicate them completely,like i put it “as if there were no scars” you should go for clinical treatments.A-CN is only for curing and preventing pimples and for a soothing effect on skin.if you don’t ve pimples there is no need for A-CN.regarding your cleansers, all three of them has the ability to dry out are you doing with them?

also there has been a detailed discussion about pitted scars under the question “how to get rid of pitted acne scars?” .kindly go through this.hope it helps!



I am using these face washes and they have not dried my skin. I ve a very oily skin and i only use each face wash once a day. Sebamed alone in the night before applying retino-A.

I am just looking for a good dermat to get treated. Again, i am quite reluctant to go to a dermat as am not sure who really is good. Cant be a guinea pig for someone who is going to learn using me 🙂

You ve got any idea or suggestions for me?? Can i give Glyco-A a shot before i trace a good dermat. I have tried everything under the sun and i don mind giving it a try..

The main reason i started using this site is cos there are lot of people with good experience, there are lot of products that are reviewed. Also i thought it was an alternative for me to avoid going to a dermat.

But i guess i still have to go to a dermat as my condition is bad. guess topicals wont work 🙁




@boss you re right topicals won’t get smoothen  pitted scars completely.but so would clinical treatments, mostly.if you look into google images for laser or dermabrasion, you ll find some before-after pics of such can see that even clinical treatments, for most people doesn’t give silky smooth skin, yet some percentage of difference does make them look advice to you ll be to ve reasonable expectations when you re going to a derma and do ask for before-after pics and how much of improvement,(in terms of percentage) the procedures ll yield you.

regarding glycoA-it’s a great exfoliator to get rid of dead cells and rejuvenate your ll repair your skin to some extent.if you re going to a derma as such, probable thing to happen is that,they ll suggest some treatment to get rid of the dead cells first or make you undergo an extra sitting which means extra cost,extra time.when it comes to clinical treatments-more the damage-more the procedures or more i suggest you start on glyco6 or glycoA, whichever you want.before doing so please go through





I guess it is worth giving a try before going to a dermat..

I ve seen few contradictory posts such as .

  • use retino-a and glyco-a on alternative nights.
  • Never use retino-A and glyco-A together
  • olizza gel is better than glyco-A as it has gel base.

since you know what regimen am following now..can u plz advise how i can change it. which product to add… Just to remind you,

  • Morning – ahaglow — zoray aquagel
  • Evening – himalaya neem face wash
  • Night – Sebamed cleansing foam – retino-A 0.05
  • Apart from that i use facemed and sefpil(not seen any improvement using both)


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