Please tell me if this sunblock is good for acne prone and oily skin or not?


I tried to find suncote gel but it’s not available in my country. i have found a sunblock tell me if it is good or not tell me pros n cons of its ingredients .


Solarin SPF 60 Sunblock


Avobenzone (Parsol 1789, Eusolex 9020, Escalol 517),

Octylmethoxycinnamate (octinoxate)

Titanium dioxide; Titanium oxide; TiO2

Zinc oxide; Zn0


Vitamin C + E

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Hi Annu,

You can check the tool and see if there is acne causing ingredients.


By the way which country you are in ?


@Annu – Here is the detailed review of the suncreen/sunblock you were asking. Not sure you seen this before or not.



i have seen this website. And this tool showed no acne causing ingredient . But i’m not sure if these products are suitable for oily skin.

This is the official website of the company. so they will not post anything against their product :p

That’s why i posted here.

By the way I live in Pakistan. 🙂


Hi Annu,

Welcome to Acnemantra.

I don’t see complete ingredient list. So if i am in your place can take chance on products which don’t disclose their ingredients list.

There are good sunscreens/sunblock from bioderma, dermalogica, Neutrogena… and they are available on ebay and Amazon.  I guess they do world wide shipping. You can check that too.

I hope it helps.








@annu – This is a very good sunscreen and rating is 4.5 stars …

I never used it .. but just did patch testing on my hand in walmart store here last week 🙂

I really like it… doesn’t leaves whitecast …

one time @acnemantra and @priyankam87 also recommeneded this same sunscreen to me…


r u  from pakistan


Thanks ashu
i have read somewhere neutrogena products cause acne. but i’ll go through its ingredients.
I also did a patch testing on my hand yesterday.. that was a sun screener by l’oreal. It was not greasy but again I was not sure about its ingredients.




Annu ,

Just one thing.. which ever product you test, buy or planning to buy do check before here –

This is a life saver 🙂


nice advise ashu. You’ll be glad to know that I already got it 😀


yup its good advise always check ur product with skin ingredient tool before apply


This product is availble here .. i’m talking about neutrogena sunscreen lotion but the word “lotion was enough to restrain me from buying it.


I don’t think that Skingredients can parse ingredients in brackets and also with semi-colons. So try comma separated list (per the hint in the ingredients box).


Coming to your product, Zinc Oxide is mildly comedogenic. So if your problem is only oily skin, this should do. If you are severely acne prone, skip it. And I agree with Ashu; even I don’t think this is the full ingredients list- which leaves us with lots of unanswered questions.


As this is a sun block which sits on the skin, it most likely will make you look like the cricketers on field (with all those sun blocks generously plastered on their faces). If this is what you are looking for, and your skin is not severely acne prone, go for it. All in all, it sounds like a very good product with all the right mix of ingredients. Whatever ingredients are mentioned they are not harmful in any way.


Thanks Preetam, for going into the details of this product. I really don’t want to look like those cricketers, seriously:p

I badly need to wear a sunblock these days but all sun blocks are having at least one comedogenic ingredient. I’am searching on it. I’ll post if i find a single really non-comedogenic sun screener.
Thanks all for your advises and replies 🙂

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