Suncote vs. Lotus 3-in-1 Matte confusion?


hii friends
i am visited to the site acne mantra best sunscreen
for oliy and acne prone skin but i am having
some confusun…
suncote sunscreen is acne friendly but not for oliy skin
for longer hours
lotus 3 in 1 matte sunscreen is oliy friendly but not
for acne..
sebamed sun care 50+ is too costlly to barro

so plz plz bring me out from this confusition..
plz replay me AM and my friends

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I cant replay a ‘text’ question but I surely can re-read.As for replaying , well I~ll try till some better informed person intervenes. So basically you want to eat both the cherry and the cake. 😛 Now that`s rare in our country 😛

Nivea has a oil control moisturiser with spf 30 – it`s used by some people on this blog – they might give you  feedback.

0 here.


Wow Gowthu.. you are rocking man.. 4 questions/posts on sunscreen on same day.

It would be better … if you can keep same post for sunscreen so that you will all the information at one place 🙂


Suncote hands down………..


It might be a bit confusing for acne prone and very oily skin, but dont worry AM and your friends are trying to find a suitable sunscreen for people like you! Fingers are crossed for the review of uvmed sunscreen gel!! Till then its better to go with suncote and for matt effect you can try face powders for men link in this blog.

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