Plz suggest suitable Facial for senstive, oily & acne prone skin .


Hello Everyone,
I have very sensitive, oily and acne prone skin. I use Fash Foam cleanser, Zoray aqua gel sunscreen & Faceclin gel. I have never get done facial before, as I am going to get married in Feb so day before yesterday I get done O3 facial as beautician suggested me this one. I was having small acne on face, after there is no glow on my face n acne is become red. Plz suggest me a good facial for my skin type. Is LOTUS facial products is good for my skin type? Waiting for your valuable suggestion.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Arti, facials at beauty salons are fraught with risk for acne prone skin. You’ve already seen the result of the O3 facial by your beautician. If you search for the term “facial” on this website, you’re going to find tons of threads that talk about how facials done by beauticians ignorant about acne prone skin wreaked havoc on acne prone skin.


Now the thing is, it is not all so scary. It all comes down to the creams and lotions that they use during a facial. If any product that has comedogenic ingredients in it is used during a facial or in everyday skincare, then you’re going to see new pimples and existing pimples will become worse. In your case, since you are prone to pimples, experimenting with facials right before such an important day is not a good idea. If you would like, consult a cosmetic dermatologist in your city who will advise you on medi-facials and peels that can bring much better and faster results without aggravating pimples.


If this all sounds confusing, please just go through this post to understand what kind of products are safe for acne prone skin and which ones aren’t. Same goes for Lotus Herbals products. It is not about a brand being good or not. It depends on which ones of their products are comedogenic and which ones aren’t. Again, the link I mentioned to you will help you with selecting suitable products from any brand.


Hi AM,
Thanks for your prompt reply. As earlier I have glow on my face but after facial my face is looking dull. Now I will consult with my dermatologist.Thanks a lot.

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