Polka dots left by chicken pox!need neem products


First acne now chicken pox.. i can’t look more ugly .

Needed suggestions regarding any brand company which has 100% pure neem turmeric product n aloevera gel.

My skin is hypersensitive plus very oily.

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Hi Trishnika, I feel ya, it is not a very happy experience – chicken pox + acne. Neem products there are tons but cosmetic companies will add their own artificial fragrance and pore-clogging stuff in it. You could search for plain neem oil. You should be able to find local brands at medical stores too. If nothing, boil neem leaves with tumeric or simply make a paste of washed fresh neem leaves in the mixer and mix it with tumeric powder + aloe vera gel to make a paste. Then apply it on the skin directly. This would be a potent and 100% pure mixture that you can prepare fresh. I’m not sure about how safe it is to apply this mix on the face, so do a patch test on the jawline or behind the ear first.


Thanx a lot ..will try this .

Recently using aleo vera gel .. and zenosoftt max cream

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