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Hello Acne mantra,

I wanted help on primer after going through the foundations list I got chambor sheer delight foundation and it is the best I have used so far for my oily skin. But my skin is extremely oily and all the foundations start getting oily and shiny and also fading mainly from my T-zone. I already went through the all options mentioned and now am confused between Loreal and Colorbar one. Please help me solve my doubt I want one that would slightly minimize my large pores, and also give good oil controm in humid climate. Thanks in advance:))

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Hiya @dhara after doing r&d on AM I landed on colorbar primer. Its vry smooth spreads easily n vry nice finish.  Actually m in luv with its effects stays pretty well as my skin is not dat oily dese days. N I apply it vry rarely.

U can go n try both dese primer on two different days n finally decide which one  to buy. 🙂



@dhara, colorbar primer is very good in controlling the oiliness and gives a smooth finish.

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