FabIndia Tea Tea face wash in Starter Regimen ok?


sir,  is it ok to use fab india tea tree face wash instead of kaya clinic face wash in starter regimen and after that  i use sebamed face wash and   suncote breaks me  out very bad  which  sunscreen should i use ??????

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Hi Ayan, Sebamed Cleansing Foam isn’t enough to wash off Suncote. This is probably why you are seeing breakouts from it. Best results are obtained from the Starter Regimen when it is followed in full, with no products skipped or substituted. This is because every single product in there has been added or avoided with careful throught and community feedback.

Still, if you want to use FabIndia Tea Tree face wash, give it a try. The thing is, FabIndia Tea Tree face wash contains tea tree oil and salicylic acid, both of which can cause redness and dryness when used with the strong Triacneal cream of the Starter Regimen. You could switch to the Budget Regimen if that sounds better suited.


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