Spot treatment & which makeup foundation?


hi i just came across your website when i was looking for acne solution and subscribed to it immediately.. 🙂

my problem is dat i get blind pimples mostly in clustered form which are very painful and take a long time to go. so i wanted good spot treatment cream dat can hel p me get rid of it in 2-3 days.(i work in marketing department and deal with lot of clients hence i don’t have luxury of waiting )

currently im using acne moist as moisturizer, neutrogena ultra sheer dry touch sunblock, lotus compact, the body shop green tea face cleanser, and lakme cc cream/ lotus herbal long stay foundation. recently i have started using adaferin but it is not much help..

plz suggest some treatment to get rid of my acne quickly.

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Hi Gressa, I think you should stop using Neutrogena dry touch, Lotus, Body shop , Lakme , foundation with immediate effect. That’s so many acne building products you are lathering on your skin.

Try this routine for 10 days :-

Morning – Use Sebamed or AHA glow face wash followed by Suncote gel (sunscreen) followed by either Clinique Even Better Makeup (Oil free) foundation if required & if you can afford the price or use the Revlon photo ready pressed powder foundation with a brush (oil free) to cover the marks or spots. Please discontinue all other products & for night regimen – again remove make up with color bar make up remover ( for oily/combination skin) followed by Keracnyl or Sebamed face wash followed by Clindamycin gel on the active pimple ( allow it to dry completely ) followed by Triacneal or Glyco 6.

If you have oily skin, you typically do not need a moisturizer for sometime till the acne is under control & if you must use one, use the Seba med clear gel. If you are using adaferin then alternate triacneal or glyco 6 with it every night.

You should find the acne reducing in  a week’s time with this regimen. If you can skip the foundation part for a week , it would be great but I understand you meet people everyday (same for me) so maybe just play it down a little & instead focus on eye & lip make up 🙂 for this week. Let me know if this worked for you & of course this is only a suggestion which I followed & found it beneficial.  But of course no cheating & tweaking on the products 🙂


hi gressa..there is no quick fix to acne..there is no way to put a time stamp on acne..everybody’s skin reacts differently and takes times..u are acne prone skin type 3 (apst 3)..
spot treatment alone is not sufficient cause new one keeps popping takes a entire regimen consisting of facewash,moisturizer,sunscreen,acne cream,exfoliant..
look into starter regimen for more info

Starter Regimen for Acne & Dark Marks

every product u are using are comedogenic products from sunscreen,make up to facewash..
there are tons of articles on acnemantra,please read them and educate yourself which will help u choose products wisely for acne..
adaferin is retinoid,u have to use it atleast six months to see improvement..with acne patience is the key..


Hi Lalitha,

Which would be your pick on a safe foundation/compact :

Foundation : Revlon, Faces Oil free, Inglot YSM

Compact: Maybelline Dream matte, Inglot ASM

Any others ?


hi angel..revlon and maybelline dream are safe bet..i have used revlon and using maybelline compact..i heard faces oil free foundation is good but havent tried..


Hi angel,

I am using Clinique even better make up (oil free) & found that it did not break me out & gives a smooth coverage. Faces honestly i think is not great but i’ve never used it. Revlon actually has some good products for acne prone skin, the Revlon Photo ready pressed powder foundation (oil free, non comedogenic) is quite good & am using it sometimes with the help of a brush all over the face.

I have used Almay TLC in the past & they are also very good & are meant for acne prone sensitive skin. All their products are Oil Free & Non Comedogenic & will not cause breakouts. But availability is a problem in India.

Please steer away from all other brands like Maybelline, Inglot , Lakme, L’oreal etc as they all have too many chemicals in them. I have used Laura Mercier in the past – their oil free tinted moisturizer which is excellent for coverage but it does break out if you have APST 3 type.

One brand that I am impressed with at the moment is Color Bar. I think they have a fantastic set of products for acne prone skin, I am using their make up remover, lipsticks, compact & maybe slowly planning to try their foundation once my Clinique gets over.

So I would place my odds on COLORBAR at the moment. Hope this helps.


Can you tell me the name of the Colorbar compact and foundation ? ( They have different versions).


Hey, sorry I wouldn’t know that as I have not tried their foundation yet. If i step into a store sometime this week, I will surely send you a feedback on that.

Meanwhile I would suggest to go personally to the color bar counter & look for the collection that says Oil free, Non Comedogenic & then ask the assistant to help you with the shade that suits your complexion. IMO, it’s always better to go personally & check the shade when you purchase foundation & compact as online shade viewing may be quite misleading.




Tejupriya, whoich revlon product are you using ?


angel i was using revlon colorstay for oily/combination skin..availability became a problem so i used to maybelline works for apst 2 and if skin isnt highly acne prone..color bars compacts are good,loreal true match is good doesnt break me i am dusky skin so options are limited..i dont use foundation daily..everyday make up is sunscreen,moisturizer,compact..


Thanks, which colorbar compact are you using Tejupriya. There is UV fairness, timeplus, triple act ?


Angel dont go for uv ones,they contain spf and leave white cast,wont look nice..triple effect is better than timeplus..triple act is 3 in 1 concealer, foundation and compact,its not powder se but oil free creamy texture..


Thanks Tejupriya and Lalitha. I will pick up a Colorbar compact. Still need to make up my mind on which foundation to pick up.


try chambor..they are oil free and non comedogenic..unfortunately couldnt get shade,pnly three shades available..both foundation and compact are good..take care 🙂


Try Mac foundation and concealer. They are good for acne prone skin.



Hi Tejupriya

I think the Chambor shades didnt suit me, I have a dusky complexion. Any alternatives  for foundation/compact ?



Try MAC studiofix concealer and see whether it suits you or not. You can set it with the studiofix compact. You will find your shade in MAC. If you find MAC a bit too pricey , try Loreal Truematch powder – they do have darker shades or Colorbar maybe ? Chambor has great formula as Tejupriya mentioned but they dont enough shades – so it`s sometimes  a mismatch. I think you might like Studiofix as a good longwearing compact with good coverage.


Hi dusky skin too..often i find the same im using maybelline..i have used loreal true match foundation and compact..these are two brands where u will be definitely find matching shade..both dont break me out…coverage is pink undertones..true match compact is too good..blends thats my pick..hides marks too..
Maybelline i use honey biege shade snd loreal true match w7 golden cappuchino..
Recently i bought colorbar compact which is good..if possible go to health and glow and try loreal true match..
Chambor is really awesome but limited shadesso i was disappointed..its moreor less like true match..
I havent tried m.a.c yet ..


But will make up work on Suncreen ? The suncote sunscreen is a thick gel . I have started using suncorss gel by ranbazy  thats a cream gel form but still not very happy with applying make up on suncreen .


Any suggestion on how to tackle this ?




hi gsewy..suncote is sticky yes it only lasts few seconds..ideally one should wait 15-20 minutes after sunscreen and before go ahead with next application (moisturizer,make up etc)..during that time skin absorbs the sunscreen completely..then u do your regular routine..
this is how i do:
suncote(wait for 15mins)-moisturizer-follow my make up..
works great..
gel base sunscreen are absorbed quickly and do not leave white cast/oil thats added advantage..
inevitably i use sunscreen every single day irrespective of whether im indoor/outdoor..i face no issues with make up on sunscreen..doing that many years..


cool thanks  🙂 Teju priya you reply so many posts awesome help ! three cheeers to this site …..

Which moisturiser and make up do you follow up with ?

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