Redness in cheeks due to acne?


I have pustuler acne in my cheeks ,due to this my cheeks look red, i am using aha glow facewash, plz suggest me some thing that wiil calm down the redness in my cheeks , plus i have acne scars also. can i use kojivit gel??

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Hi Anaa, which other products are you using along with AHAGlow? Are you using the Proactiv kit you mentioned in another question? This is important to know because instead of adding more products, you may be able to reduce the redness simply by cutting out the culprit products.


No i dont use the proactiv kit.. i used to  apply lacto calamine but it also broke me out , currently i only apply aloe vera gel from patanjali but i am thinking to switch it with aloe veda aloe vera gel as it has great reviews but iam really frustrated with the redness in my cheeks it looks like i have applyed blusher.i hate this and want get rid of it as soon as possible.and i have pustuler acne in my cheeks.

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