Redness and is Dermonu Cream effective for acne scars?


Thanks. …1.can u plz tel….to reduce & remove the redness in natural way or any ….
2.about food items which help for skin regeneration. ….
3.In tele brand I saw a advertisement dermono product for regeneration the skin…I don’t know about that… dat any regenerating skin in Indian product

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Hi prince,
with personal experience ,i found that the best way to reduce redness and swelling of a pimple is to take brufen really helps. It wont heal or cure your pimple but it definetely makes it look a lot calm.u may have to take it till your pimple starts healing..i think retinol creams regenerate the skin.


Hi Prince, the Dermonu Eternelle Skin Cream (cost Rs. 4000 for 45 gm) you mentioned from the telebrand contains mainly onion extract and rose hip oil to improve acne scars. The rest of the ingredients are not so important for filling up acne scars.


Now should you spend 4000 Rupees on this? Actually, closer home, you have Mederma Scar Gel which contains onion extract too, and is available for Rs. 500 a tube. Rose hip oil can be found easily on online shopping websites. You can read reviews of Dermonu cream here.


What you could do is experiment with Mederma for a month or so and if you really see the results and still want to get the Dermonu cream, you could then order it. Mederma is often recommended for raised scars, not so much pitted acne scars, but the main ingredient is the same between Mederma and Dermonu. Be careful if you choose to try rose hip oil since it could clog pores and cause pimples.


To reduce your redness and swelling of your pimple you could spot treat with Metrogyl gel, you would definitely appreciate how it cools your active pimples. 🙂

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