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Hello Acne Mantra!I have been using AHAGLOW facewash since about 6 months.I have been avoiding moisturizers ever since I started getting pimples last year.I have used Lacto Calamine for a few months but I am unsure if it’s moisturizing enough and non-comedogenic.I would like to know if Clean and Clear Skin Balancing moisturizer  will be a good option keeping in mind that it has Salicylic Acid and that I use Ahaglow everyday?Will it be moisturizing enough and not cause dryness?

AND,I would also like to know if Aroma Magic Hydro Gel is a good option instead of Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer since it’s all natural?I am looking for budget options since I am a college going teen and have a tight budget(very).

Also,some people recommended me Erytop for spot treatment of acne.I have used it whenever I have gotten pimples since last two months.It didn’t show any significant difference(maybe because I didn’t use it regularly) nor did it aggravate the problem.I want to know if it’s an effective cream because I used Benzoyl Peroxide(Persol) last year in summers after the first time I had a terrible terrible acne episode.I was happy that my acne subsided but since then I have these  ugly red patches on my skin.I will never use it again.

Please suggest an effective and cheap spot treatment for acne which DOESN’T cause red marks or if I should continue with Erytop.

Finally,you guys are doing a great job,in fact social service.Kudos!

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Hiya Ayushi,

Your experience with Benzoyl Peroxide leaving leaving stubborn red marks behind matches that of as many other members here. For marks, this 3-step CPP Process will help.


Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer has stearic acid, which, if your skin breaks out easily, isn’t safe for acne prone skin. If your pimples are more or less under control with AHAGlow, then you could stillo give it a shot. But if acne isn’t under control, and dryness is exessive, you could add in Sebamed Cleansing Foam. Sebamed in the morning, then AHAGlow at night. Using AHAGlow twice daily can cause a lot of dryness.


Aroma Magic Hydro Gel works for APST 2 or lower, that is for people who don’t break out easily but have occasional pimples. It has caused breakouts on 2 people, both of whom were near APST 3. To learn more about APST, please see this post. If after Sebamed, you still see pimples, you could consider adding in an all-over treatment instead of spot treating pimples. Spot treating works well when pimples occur once in a long while. If that’s the case with you, you could use Metrogyl Gel.


It’s very kind of you to say such nice things. Yes, Acne Mantra is my way of giving back for all the good I’ve received in my own life. Sort of paying it forward. You can contribute too, by adding reviews of products you have used in the past, and let people know which ones worked for you and which ones didn’t. All the products are shown in the Reviews Section. You could use the search box on the right side of the reviews section to search for products. Also, you could message me from my profile to add any products you don’t see there.



I have been using AHAGlow for over 6 months now.I haven’t faced any drying issues.In fact,my face gets oily within 4-5 hours of wash.I am happy with it for now.

  1. Which one would you suggest out of Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer and Aroma Magic Hydro Gel?I have an ASPT 2 skin as far as I could understand.So,what would you suggest?Or any other moisturizer you would recommend?
  2. Also,I forgot to mention that I have started taking steroid (Prednisone) one month back and will have to take it lifelong.I am pretty scared about steroid induced acne and skin thinning in the long run.Any suggestions regarding that would be really helpful.:)
  3. I also want to know if Erytop is the right choice since I read some articles which said that it’s effectiveness decreases over a long time usage.
  4. For sunscreen,my dad bought me Melagard 50+ by Abbott Healthcare.I searched for reviews on it in review section but found none.Any idea of how safe it is or if it’s non-comedogenic?

I will try contributing in any way possible.Thank you so much! 🙂


@acnemantra Suggestion please!


I’m leaving for the Spiderman movie right now, I’ll post when I’m back. Hang in there. 🙂


@acnemantra Haha,sure!Enjoy 🙂


Hiya Ayushi,

If acne is under control with AHAGlow, then using a lightweight moisturizer like Aloe Veda Aloe Vera Gel is a safe option. I just looked through the reviews of Clean & Clear Moisturizer on its review page and they aren’t very promising. People have used words like ‘hate it’ to describe their experiences. I had used it in the past and it seemed to help, but if the situation is kind of precarious right now better skip it.


Not all aloe vera gel brands are non-comedogenic. You could also look through moisturizer listings in the reviews section. When you select ‘least comedogenic’ from the drop down, you will get a list of moisturizers that have at most mildly comedogenic ingredients.


Erytop is a topical antibiotic, and bacteria develop resistance to it over time. This is the reason it stops working after a while. It did on me and for many others here. It is good while it works. You could switch to Metrogyl Gel as a spot treatment. It will reduce redness and well as size.


Unless you break out on a regular basis, at this time you do not need to use an all-over acne treatment. Spot treating with regular use of AHAGlow may be enough.


Melagard is a sunscreen lotion and possibly comedogenic, so maybe wait a bit before giving it a try. For now, work on getting a working regimen that you can fall back on whenever acne starts to get out of control. Then you could slowly add more products. You could go over the regimens as well to get more products ideas.


If you feel comfortable sharing why you’ve been prescribed Prednisone, I could give you more information. I’m not a doctor, but have been forced to research a lot into immune diseases and their management.


@acnemantra It’s very surprising to see the kind of reviews Clean and Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer has on this site,especially when almost all the other sites I had first searched this on gave it a big thumbs’ll definitely avoid it now.Will try Aloe Veda Aloe Vera Gel.Is it available easily at medical stores?


I had a kidney transplant last month.So,I’m on immunosuppressants and steroids.The medicines give a lot of skin problems and I usually get itchy rashes on my skin now and then.But,nothing major until now.It’s been only a month until now.So…

Is it safe to use Metrogyl and won’t it leave any marks?

Thanks! 🙂


@bloxpo my acne conditions got aggravated last feb after my cancer treatment.sometimes the powerful medicines we take may irritate the epidermis and cause acne.i ve to take 300mg of eltroxin all my life too.the first year was difficult(i was second year college too 🙂 ).3 and half years now, i got used to day our experiences ll make us who we are, and we can always take on life.cheers girl! 🙂

if you were a fan of lacto calamine, try calak lotion or markal calak.they are non-comedogenic substitutes of lacto calamine lotion.i don’t know about melagard sunscreen.if it causes pimples, use it a body sunscreen and you can try sunprotek(most recommended in the website) or Zoray Aquagel(budget option), it hasn’t reported to cause pimples so far.


@bargavi-ramachandran So true!That’s the spirit that keeps me going.I will look into the options you have given.Thanks 🙂

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