What to do about pitted scars?



Thanks a lot for your previous advice..i just have started wid starter regimen 3 days back..

However my skin has become more smooth after this regimen but still i feel very oiliness on my face..does this happen in the beginning only or should i need to make any changes??

Moreover I hav pitted scars on my face..need ur advice is Kaya spot reducing gel is effective for pitted scars as well??

Also advice from where can i get suncote sunscreen in chandigarh??



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Hi Shafali..You are probably experiencing purging/initial breakout with Triacneal..
Plus its been only 5 days so short time..
Dont worry,in few more days it should come under control..
Sebamed is a very mild and treatment cleanser which means cleansing is not its best quality hence the need for kaya..
Use sebamed when the face is almost clean and there is barely anything on your face..I prefer to use it in the morning..
Use Sebamed in the morning or night before any other applications..
If morning is not feasible ,use Kaya in the morning itself..
Regarding oil control & breakouts,Triacneal will handle in few weeks..

Yes Suncote is sticky I agree..But it is non comedogenic,does not leave oil film or whitecast..It is a small compromise..It is gel based sunscreen and one of the best options of acne prone skin..
I am using and the stickness from 3 months and the stickness doesnt bother me anymore..I really like it,,its very light πŸ™‚

Also Dont Kaya gel for 2-3 weeks unless acne is under control..
Dont add too many products until that happens..Otherwise new pimples pop up and leave more scars so focus on the bringing acne under control for now.. πŸ™‚

Dont buy into what others say,go for what is best for your skin..First try Suncote and then see how it works for you..Without even trying how will you judge whether its good or bad?Everybody’s skin is different and have different needs right πŸ˜‰ ?? If you need to change then you can go for lotus..And yes lotus has broke out some..

Moisturizer is not quintessential..If you feel the need for it then apply otherwise dont..Normally Triacneal cause some dryness/peeling so we suggest a moisturizer to counter that..

If you dont want make up then dont,its totally okay πŸ™‚
Stick to your kajal and lip balm,no issues..
I am not much of make up person either,I just dust a bit of compact with a brush..If you interested,you can try Mineral/Compact Powders and they do help with oil control..

Rakt shodak is an incentive thats all,not compulsory..
If it targeted at sebum control and thereby brings down acne too..See how your skin reacts with Triacneal for few more days and see if RS is required or not..If you dont need it then fine..It has positive feedback though..I am happy with Keracnyl cream..Even I planned taking RS but regime did big things for me so I chucked the RS idea.. πŸ™‚

Since you on cold medications,carry on.. πŸ™‚

Dont worry about lengthy questions,I am always happy to help:)
Initially I had so many questions like you only πŸ˜‰
You can buzz me in anytime..Take Care..Good luck..:)


Hi Shafali, if you are using the exact products mentioned in the Starter Regimen, you should notice a reduction in oiliness within 3-4 weeks. If not, there are things you could do, such as switching a product or two, but for now I’d say just go with it.

Ask for Curatio Suncote Gel at medical stores. It is one of the safest sunscreens when it comes to acne prone skin, so try to get your hands on it.

Good luck! πŸ™‚


For pitted scars, creams and lotions show limited results since the tissue there has been lost to acne. Still, with Triacneal and Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel, you will see exfoliation that will even out the skin and promote a bit of collagen production at the site of the pitted scars. Evening out the skin itself will make the scars less noticeable (less deep) because it will merge better with the rest of the skin colour. Β Once your acne situation is under control, there are things you could do including clinical treatments that can help with pitted scarring. The first thing is to stop new breakouts though.


Hi Shafali..Nice to know you are following starter regimen..:)
Triacneal will help with acne as well pitted scars..
Keep products minimum..Add a sunscreen compulsorily..Suncote is available at medical stores only..Lotus and another are available online..
Its been three days,be patient and you can see improvement in few weeks..But make sure to follow it properly and do not add pore clogging/comdeogenic products..
For oil control you can try baidyanath rakt shodak which will also help you with acne as well..

6+ Ayurvedic Acne Treatment Remedies in India

Adding glycolic acid facewash for oil control can cause more irritation so not a feasible option with Triacneal..
For pitted scars Triacneal,Retinoids like Retino a,Yugard are the strongest treatment apart from Glyco..But it takes prolonged duration..You can try Micro dermabrasion too..


tretinoin 0.025% is useful for pitted scarring as it increases collagen production at the site of application


Hi AM & Tejupriya

Thanks for your previous advice..:)

I has completed my 5th day of starter regimen today & i am using same products as mentioned in the regimen.

My problem is that my face remains oily & shiny all the time. After cleaning my face with sebamed in the morning & evening, & Even after using kaya cleansing gel & Triacneal cream, there is no dryness or irritation on face but yes oil is there which comes after appx half an hour of application. & i hav got 2-3 new breakouts last night only.

I just want to know whether so much oiliness & 2-3 breakouts are normal in the starting of a regimen??

& i have read many reviews where everyone says that suncote suncreen is very gud but sticky.

I hav to go tomorrow to buy kaya spot reducing gel, sebamed gel & suncote sunscreen. Plz advice

1) should i go with Suncote only or lotus one?? (as i read in one post that lotus might break out in some cases & my skin is very sensitive, that is why i opted for starter regimen to be on safer side)

2) With so much oiliness, is it advisable to apply any type of moisturizer or gel on my face??

3) i dnt hav the habbit of using any makeup products except lip-balm & kajal..should i start using compact powder for oil control.

i dnt want to go for baidynath rakhsodak pills right now as i m already taking ayurvedic medicines for my cough & cold problem.

i knw i m asking too much questions but your advice will be of great help.





Hi Shafali, Triacneal is not to be used during the day. You probably already know it, but just in case…


I’d say don’t rush to add new products unless your breakouts calm down noticeably otherwise you’re going to have a mess on your hands with tons of products and no clue about which is the culprit. The Starter Regimen mentions so. Take it week by week. πŸ™‚


If you are noticing excessive oiliness, then for your morning face wash, use Kaya Cleansing Gel and follow it up with Sebamed Cleansing Foam.Β At night, use Kaya Cleansing Gel, then apply Triacneal all over the face.


During the first week, you’re not going to use sunscreen. Repeat the first week regimen until breakouts calm down. It is rare to get breakouts from Triacneal, but still, better wait it out. Perhaps postpone your new purchases until next week.


Hi teju

You are a sweetheart..always there to guide..:)

Thanks a lot..

I have decided to add suncote in regimen right now as i have to go out on daily basis & cant take a risk of getting tanned. Right now moisturizer & kaya spot reducing gel is on hold for some other days. I hope i hav taken right decision!!

I just wanna know when should i start using lip balm & kajal as september is a month of birthdays & anniversaries in my family..& do u hav any idea of any non-comedogenic lip balm & kajal (before this regimen i was using maybelline kajal & lip balm).

I also hav decided to use compact powders in future to avoid shine due to oil..i hav been through list of compact powders but i am very confused..can u plz suggest which one will go wid the regimen (something which is not very costly)

Again thanks a ton for ur entire support..


Hehe Thank you Shafali,I do my best dear πŸ™‚
Sunscreen is just to prevent sun damage but also it preserves results obtained so far and prevents further damage of the skin..
You add moisturizer if necessary..But no Kaya until then situation gets better..
Maybelline kajal and lip balm is fine,I use the same too.. πŸ˜‰
Non comedogenic is little difficult because they contain some form of oil and its okay they dont run into skin area..
But be careful regarding Lip balm,make sure then dont touch/smudge into jaw area thats all..
Remember to wash your hands before and after touching your face,very important πŸ™‚
Why dont you try maybelline matte finish compact,I am using that?
Cost wise also okay and non comedogenic also..
I think Lakme perfect radiance might be okay,I haven’t tried so not sure..Between these maybelline is better budget option..
Also one more point,get a nice powder brush instead of powder puffs..I dont prefer puffs,because Brush gives a nice finish and doesnt cake up make up,not to forget brushes are hygienic than puffs..
Bacteria breeds in these make up tools..
So wash your puff/brush once in 10-15 days or dispose & buy new ones after a while ..
You dont have to thank me dear,I am always here and you know where to find me πŸ™‚
Good luck..Take Care πŸ™‚

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