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can i use retinol based products like strea and neutrogena healthy skin night cream with bioderma white objective serum or strea c10.Can you please guide me how to use them.Also while using reinol..can i use a moisturiser like cetaphil on top of it?

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Yes, contrary to popular belief, retinol can be mixed or layered with AHA/BHA (Bioderma White Objective) and vitamin C (Strea C10) products. To avoid risk of skin irritation, you could alternate retinol with these products nightly. One night retinol, the next Bioderma White Objective + Strea C. That way you will be keeping your acids (ascorbic acid vitamin C, glycolic acid Bioderma) away from retinol.

Moisturizers can be layered once retinol has absorbed. Cetaphil Moisturizer is comedogenic.


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