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I m having small pores on my cheeks. I had acne earlier but now acne is gone but it left few scars and some pores. how can i get rid of these? i m currently using ponds face wash. my face is little oily.

i consulted a dermalogist, he asked me to go for dermaroller/laser for removal of pores. but i want to try something minor. please help.

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Hi Saana, what @coolrahul said. Saslic 1% is a decent saliylic acid face wash. Salicylic acid doesn’t suit everyone, so if you see small bumps the next day, know that it is probably irritating your skin. If you don’t, then you have found a winner which will help you with pores as well as any blackheads and occasional acne. It will also help reduce oiliness.

By the way, Pond’s face wash is comedogenic. Please go through this post to understand more about it and which products to avoid from now on so you don’t get more pimples.

Unless pores are excessively large, dermaroller / laser is simply too much without first trying out simpler methods. Your derm is more interested in selling expensive services than solving problems step by step. 😛


U can think of using BHA based products i.e salicylic acid cleansers like saslic or leave on product like sebonac gel ..SA helps to keep the pores clear by drawing out sebum, dead cells n dirt out of the pores since its oil soluble.. N if the pores are kept clear they appear smaller n are less visible .. U may also use tretinoin gels which helps to a large extent ..but topicals cannot completely remove the pores..


Hiya Saana, since you are not facing acne anymore, but only pores, Supatret sounds like an overkill for simply reducing pores. Supatret is tretinoin, which can sometimes cause an initial breakout. It is a pretty strong treatment, and anything strong used with it like Saslic or AHAGlow can irritate the skin. You also would not need to use clindamycin gel with it. Tretinoin is a one-in-all treatment for those whose skin can tolerate it. But you will need a gentle cleaser (not Pond’s one that you were using). You could use Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin morning and night. But it is best to follow up with the doctor if you feel any skin irritation or continue to see new pimples.


Hi AM & coolrahul

Thanxxxxx a lot for ur advice.
I visited my derm again. Since i have pores only on my left cheek. My derm has suggested me the following now
kojivit plus CR in the morning
supatret 0.1% gel on my pores(left cheek only) in the night

Please let me know if I can use AHA glow face wash with this? or should i try Saslic 1%.

Also after using supatret 0.1% gel i got a red pimple on my left cheek last night. Is this initial break out normal? Pls advice.

N hey I must say ur blog just rocks. It gives lot of confidence to ppl like me.. Keep rocking.. 🙂


Also can i use clindamycin gel for the pimple when im on supatret?


Thanks AM..Will try cetaphil.. hope it ll work for me..

Does Kojivit plus really help scars?

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