Retino-A (0.05%) 3 days from a glycolic peel?


I underwent a glycolic peel yesterday for acne vulgaris. To being with, my dermatologist did not prep my skin for the peel. And the peel was conducted near a open window with bright light(not sure if that is ok) after the peel I asked if I should use a sunblock for the next few days while stepping out and she said that won’t be required. She prescribed Retino-A to to be started 3 days from the peel and upto the next session. I still have 4 more sessions. I’m really not sure if I should use that cause I’ve read that during a chemical peel Retino-A should not be used. Also she has prescribed Cetaphil OS cleanser stating that i have oily skin and that is why im breaking out bad. But she never ever tested my skin to find out if it even is oily(i think i have combination skin), And my skin feels dry cause of both the peel and the cleanser now.

Am i just over reacting or is something not rite? Please tell me if i should use the Tretinoin Cream and continue with this cleanser.

Ps: I went to a doctor in one of the reputed hospitals

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