Does Retino-A help with indented scars?


m using retino for the last one and half months…definatly i see an improvemnt in my skin texture and marks hv faded considerably..u r saying that retino helps with intented scars if usd for a longr time say 6months to a year..         So please tel me one thing have u evr used it n did u find evn a slight improvement in d depth of ur scar???    …my scars are shallow but in some light it looks gross…and atyms it looks just perfct..

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and how can we differentiate between a pore and a scar..???…can an enlarged pore stay for a year ot two??


This is my problem as well. I was going to ask about a moisturiser which can plump up the skin temporarily to make it look less harsh – the scars. Anti ageing moisturisers should do this but they often have comedogenic ingredients so I had to discard them (eg Garnier anti ageing cream  the red tub one ) . Retino A does plump up the skin but only temporarily. The body in most cases cannot regrow the tissue to make the skin level once more , so the scars more or less remain sadly – the pitted or the indented ones. They are of different kinds – Box , Rolling and icepicks. Icepicks are cone shaped and are the deepest and hardest to treat. Topical treatments can only do so much for treating the scars. Even Fraxel or co2 laser effects are temporary – as I have realised while doing thorough research on the treatments and reading reviews of those who has undergone such treatments. Many has reported more damage caused by the laser treatments – namely darkened skin and increased sun sensitivity and damage to sebaceous glands, and have said that there has been li`l difference and the effects have been temporary. This is so disappointing , I know – but I just wanted people to have sufficient information before jumping to treatments. What you can do now maybe , try to moisturise the scarred area using a tinted moisturiser (which is non comedogenic ) or use a creamy concealer on top of it (for special occasions or photography ) ,and try not to powder your skin too much in that area – because powder will only dry out your skin more and emphasise the scars.

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