retises ct chemical peel


is retises ct peel  phenol peel? is it very strong peel? is it very deep peel? is it safe to do at home?

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chemical peels has to been done under strict medical super vision only pinky..if u do it on your self chances are there you will burn your skin..there are various peels and concentrations available,only a doctor can analyse which is suitable for u..
there are too many do and donts with such procedures..u stop all unnecessary digging and experimentation and concentrate on your treatment..focus on what the doctor is advising..


Hello teju

Actually my dermo did this retises ct peel and I wanted to knowis thiis this superficial peel? Is it safe peel? Is it vry deep and stkng peel?I am thinking to change mhdoc. pls tell is it phenol peel?


Pinky all peels welcome the sameway and they effective..but to see significant change u need more sittings and more time

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