Everyuth Menz Whitening Cream for acne prone skin?


hi… is Everyuth Menz Whitening Cream good for apst 2…can we use it as sunscreen also??

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There is lots of advertising on the Internet about Everyuth Menz but no information about the ingredients of the cream. Because of this, it is not possible to say if it can clog pores and cause pimples even on APST type 2.

You could take this list of comedogenic ingredients in Indian products to a store and before buying check if any of the ingredients listed on the pack are comedogenic.


is emami fair and handsome safe for apst 2 …bcoz in ingredient list it contains grape seed oil and wheat germ oil…….can we use it as sunscreen also??..what ingredients in it r responsible for making skin fairer……??


Here is the ingredient list of Emami Fair & Handsome:

Magnesium stearate, magnesium chloride, methyl paraben, laureth-7, menthol, titaniun dioxide, grape seed extract, wheatgerm oil, rosa centifolia, dimethicone, cyclopentasiloxane, ethyl hexyl methoxycinnamate, perfume, niacinamide, propellant, aluminium start octneylsuccinate, glycyrrhiza glabra, cetearyl alcohol, aqua

You’re right, it has wheatgerm oil which makes it comedogenic. The lightening agent in it is liquorice which is a good skin lightening agent. It does have sunscreen ingredients in it titanium dioxide and ethyl hexyl methoxycinnamate, but since there is no SPF given, we cannot be sure that it is sufficient as a sunscreen.

Even though it does contain comedogenic ingredients, we’ve not come across any reports of acne breakouts from this cream. So it may work fine for APST 2, but there is no guarantee.

Looks like you are want a men’s fairness cream that can double up as a sunscreen. Ban-a-Tan and Niltan are two pharmaceutical grade fairness creams that you could try. Although I don’t know if you need a doctor’s prescription for them. They both contain good skin whitening agents and in moderate amounts. I guess it is best to see a doctor about this. Perhaps use such a cream at night and use a plain sunscreen during the day.


Ban-A-Tan is a good choice and easily available without prescription..

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