Safe Tan removal cream?



Guys , is this Nature`s Essence Tan removal cream safe for acne prone skin ?

The complete list of ingredients are not given and yet people claim it works.

My head says NO. but I love searching up tan removal products anyway 😛 Long hours of swimming during childhood and teens had left me with a bit of tan on my arms hence the obsession.

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Hey keep calm, I have it and use it many times. But I would like to add that it is not very effective , you may need to use it 2-3 times consistently to get minimal results. And also the ingredients list is not mentioned any where but texture wise it is quite emollient and creamy, so I really doubt if it is non-comodegenic. And that particular brand is not targeted towards products for acne but more towards natural products.


Hi Keep calm, how r u doing? Long time!! Why don’t you try Ban A Tan cream from the pharmacy. One of my friend says her derma prescribed it to her & it worked very well for her scars as well as tan. Give it a shot as it’s only the arms so should be pretty ok for you to use.

Had asked you earlier too, how’s your tretinoin coming along, do send us some before & after pics na?


Hi there…..
I have used lacto tan clear for my arms…….
The texture is creamy……but it leaves hands super dry….as a result whenevr u go out in the sun…..ur hands become more tanned…..
If u keep this cream for more than specified time……u wont see any results……plus it will burn your skin……..( i experienced it)
i wod suggest not to use it….

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