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Hey guys as i already said that its my wedding in feb (feb 14 :)), i have started going to parlor for cleaning and all. i go for some lotus gold sheen cleaning (done with only gels, as they say). it suits my skin and in fact helped my marks get lighter, and a lot less whiteheads. but now the problem is that its just 20  days left for my wedding. and the (parlor girl :P) told me that i will have to use facial bleach for the next two sessions (some lotus gold bleach), for glow on skin. but i am quite worried because i havent used any bleach ever. i dont know how my skin will react to it. i dont want to irritate my skin at this time (better not to have a glow but a clear skin). what should i do? is there any way i can test the bleach before actually using it on my face?

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Hi Rims, use bleach at small part of ur face side n wait for two days to see the results. And many congratulations dear 🙂

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