Salicylix oinment SF6


Is it safe to use Salicylix sf6 on face to treat acne and pimples? what is the proper way of application? How long do I need to put it on my face?Has anyone hear used it?

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Hi Shubham, Salicylix sf6 contains 6% salicylic acid, which is a pretty high percentage for home use, especially on the face. People sometimes report severe skin irritation from even 2% salicylic acid in face washes even after they have washed it off.


At one point, I had myself thought of using Salicylix sf6 on my face. But the medical store guy told me that it is used mainly for corns and calluses on the feet because it is so strong. Phew! And I was going to use that stuff on my face – thank God I didn’t.


I know you want to use a salicylic acid cream for oily skin. I’ve replied to that in your other post. Hopefully that will help.


Thank you acne mantra for showing the right path and care.

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