Is Salt Comedogenic?


Hi guys, this question keeps coming up often. Is salt (sodium chloride) comedogenic? It seems to be marked highly comedogenic in many comedogenic lists on the Internet but not in Skingredients.

Sodium Chloride isn’t included in Acne Mantra comedogenic list because used in its purest form, it isn’t comedogenic.
Table salt is often laced with iodine, which is a cause of acne. Sodium Chloride when applied to the skin may irritate it, which may in turn may cause irritation acne in some, but it doesn’t clog pores per se. When consumed internally in high amounts, it seems to increase the oiliness in the skin, possibly causing acne.
For topical use, Sodium Chloride is even suggested as an acne treatment, as mentioned in this patent:
” Sodium chloride in a substantially pure form is topically applied to the affected skin by gently gliding the sodium chloride over the affected skin in a manner insufficient to cause abrasion and debridement of the affected skin. “
The key is to not use it in an abrasive manner on the skin, such as for scrubbing. And to use only its pure form.  So this is what I know about it and until I come across solid information (not other Internet comedogenic lists) that says otherwise, this theory makes sense to me.

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Thank you AM for clearing out this doubt… After reading above what i have understood is that sodium chloride is not comedogenic but it might he high on irritant qoutient.. Right ?

I was talking in context of A Derma Foaming Gel which I am using right now… It has sodium chloride so wanted to be sure about it not being comedogenic…

In gratitude !


Would like to share my friend’s experience, this was before she got fed up with home remedies. She read this somewhere online and followed with limited success.

  1.  Clean face
  2. Add salt to hot water
  3. Dip cotton ball and keep it on pimple for 3 minutes.

It reduced her whiteheads size for some days. After that it didn’t work. Whereas with me it never worked at all.


I ve tried salt water on my feet, hands, face’s great for bacterial ll work if you got pimples cos of bacteria. for hormonal pimples, skin irritant pimples etc., it won’t work.


That explains why it didn’t at time Bargavi, I think all my pimples were skin irritant due to comedogenic ingredients. But wait, are there pimples without bacteria too?


There are no pimples without’s just like pus filled pimples can be treated best with BP and under the skin bumps heels with GA or my school days i got pimples due to bacterial infections caused by immense sweating and i was not using cosmetics or topicals.salt water helped me great those times.

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