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I have scars and quite number of pin size holes on my face due to acne.. How can I treat the holes which is left on my face?. Please help me with all the possible process to treat it..

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hi sammy the answer to all your issues is STARTER REGIMEN..look into starter regimen for step by step instructions,product suggestions..

Starter Regimen for Acne & Dark Marks


Hey Sam , The scars you have are called ice-pick scars and they are mostly cone shapes – imagine a cone embedded into your skin , therefore they are deeper than rolling or box scars. What you can do is go for dermaroller treatments -(they`ll basically roll a roller with micro needles in them which make the body produce collagen , still you should ask your dermatologist 1st – what you can go for to treat your scrs)  they eventually smooth out the skin because they make the skin produce more collagen. Using retino A helps shallow scars to plump up mostly , but wont help ice pick scars much. Ice pick scars can also be surgically stitched up (it`s a very delicate procedure ,but its extremely costly so I guess that`s the last option if someday you have a lot of money to spare) . I dont think peels will help ice pick scars as they are pretty deep and one cant possibly remove that much skin. All in one ice pick scars arent that bad trust me , not too noticeable , take care of your skin – get the regimen tejupriya provided the link to , and you may see your skin evening out. Acne scars are extremely hard to treat indeed.

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