I m using hexilak gel for acne scars  from past 4 months …but not effective ..there is no change in scars!!!! plz help…suggest me any facewash,cream or treatment that will eliminate my scars ..!!! review about microdermabrasion on acen scars !!!

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There are tons of posts in this site regarding scars. I myself am battling out with scars. You could start of reading many posts.

Search for whatever you wanna know and i bet there might be atleast one post about it in this site. The search option is on every page on the top right hand side. You could also check out the regimens and choose the one that suits your skin and your purse 🙂


Hi Akki, I remember you mentioning that your dermatologist recommended Hexilak for your scars. Hexilak is one of the best products you can use for scars, although with sunken scars like in acne, the improvement may not be that much. It works better for raised scars, such as burn, injury etc. You see, the flesh has been lost, causing pits in the skin.


Absolutely no face wash can fill up those pits, so do not waste money on them. Just use one that does not cause pimples. When it comes to creams, tretinoin (Retino-A) cream can help somewhat, but it will not make a drastic difference. People often feel disappointed after months and months of using it seeing that it has not managed to completely smooth out the skin.



Microdermadrasion that you mention is a weak treatment unless the scars are very shallow. Same for chemical peels – they are not enough to tackle pitted scarring. You should consider a few sessions of derma roller. See details about dermaroller treatment for scars in India.


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