Hello sir. …nw I m using medorma …its peeling my skin..reducing streached scars very very little by little. …for how many months I should use this….side affect will occur or nt

Read ness & black spots are nt reducing that much

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Hi Prince, from what it looks like, it is safe to use it for 3-6 months or longer. Also, the results don’t come instantly, and be aware that it will not eliminate 100% of the scars and give a smooth skin, but will soften the appearance enough to see a difference. You will need to be patient and if after 3-4 months you are not happy with the results, then the only way is to see a dermatologist for clinical treatment like derma roller or laser. It depends a lot on whether scars are deep or shallow.

Red and black spots are not scars, they are hyperpigmentation. For that, you need to see this post.


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