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Could you please help me out in comparing Sebamed Clear Face Gel v/s Aloe Veda Aloe Gel in terms of moisturising capabilities..

I am on Isotretinoin medication and just want to use a light moisturiser to combat dryness.. As it is summer so i dont need a thick one.. Neutrogena Oil Free moisturiser doesn’t go well with my skin as it clogs my pores..


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Hiya Daksh, if you are not seeing severe peeling of the skin, then either of them should do. The main difference is that Sebamed Gel contains added emollients and moisturizers like glycerin (moisturizing), allantoin (soothing), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing), panthenol (calm redness). So it will be more moisturizing, but not terribly so. You can buy this gel or try infusing Aloe Veda Gel with glycerin to add a bit more moisturizing zing to it.


Thank You AM (@acnemantra)

I have aloe veda aloe gel but it wasnt enough for my not so severe dryness .. So yeah i will either try the GFM method or get the Sebamed gel..

In Gratitude !


I like sebamed gel – so far it’s the only moisturiser that works well for my skin. Neutrogena oil free – i didn’t like at all.


Hi Anuja ( @anujaaggarwal )

Is Glyco A causing you dryness and if yes then does Sebamed Gel takes care of it effectively ?

Yeah Neutrogena seems to be only good for people with extreme dryness or who are using strong anti acne treatments..

Thank You


When I was on sotret..neutrogena was my saviour. ..the drug gv excessive dryness n sebamed dint work as much as neutrogena did


THanks Nikita @nikitap

I have used Neutrogena Oil free Moisturizer few months back and it just didnt suit me at all.. Its causes comedones build up under my skin  even after being non comedogenic.. So i had to quit.. I am using Sebamed Gel right now and its working great.. Also its summer time so we definitely dont need excess moisturization like in winters..

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