How to use Sebonac gel on sensitive skin?


How to use sebonac gel for sensitiv skin….?
Startng with twic a week n den using daily or shud use daily from 1st use…

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Hiyo anas! For sensitive skin, the potential of salicylic acid based products causing irritation is on the higher side. The way to use Sebonac in this case would be to buffer it (dilute it) with some aloe vera gel. You take a bit of each and rub it between your hands and then gently dab it on acne prone areas. Check out more usage details and aloe vera brand etc. in the Basic Regimen post.


My dermatologist has prescribed me retino-A,earler i used to apply it daily but it resulted in severe breakouts and redness so i stopped using it for a while and now acne is under control so now i use it twice or thric a week,can i use retino,sebame facewash and kaya pigment reducer with some budget section??


Plz reply and giv ur suggections AM and teju di


Your planned regimen with Retino-A, Sebamed and Kaya Pigmentation Reducer sounds fine. I’ll add a neutral face wash (described in the Budget Regimen) and a sunscreen to it. Without a sunscreen, you would see more redness and darkening. Good luck!


Monday,thrusday and saturday-retino-A
and othr days kaya pigment reducer..
Morning- sebamed facewash and sunscreen
evening-ahaglow and moisturizer
night-sebame and acne cream/kaya..


Anas, with this routine, you do not need AHAGlow since Retin-A is strong enough. AHAGlow could cause unnecessary dryness and peeling. Also AHAGlow and Retino-A should not be used one on top of another since glycolic acid in AHAGlow will deactive the tretinoin in Retino-A. If you’re seeing good results from using AHAglow and would like to keep using it, here’s a somewhat twisted / complicated regimen that will ensure you’re getting the benefits of both:


Mon, Thursday, Saturday

morning: Sebamed + susncreen

evening / night: Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel + Retino-A + moisturizer on top if needed

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

morning: AHAGlow + sunscreen

evening / night: Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel + Kaya Pigmentation Reducer Gel

If you don’t plan to use AHAGlow anymore, then replace AHAGlow in the morning with Sebamed.

In this case, Kaya Soothing Cleansing gel is the neutral face wash I was talking about. You could, alternatively, choose any one of the ones mentioned in the Budget Regimen. 🙂


So you decided to go back to Retino ? That’s good for you anas, please follow routine of AM here, it’s really designed to give the best results with minimum irritation.

I also don’t think you need Sebonac with this regimen. It will once again irritate your skin, so be careful. stick with the retino for a minimum of 3 months to see good difference.



Thanku AM…, sebamed face foam can be buyed from a medical store easily?? Wil follow this regime..


Yes anas you can find sebamed at medical stores or you can buy it online..

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