Silicone gel for pitted acne scars?



Did anybody used Silicone gel like Hexilak, Mederma or other brands for pitted or acne scars ?

If you did can you please share your feedback and experience about it.

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@ashu6074,silicone gels are meant for hypertrophic scars not for pitted scars and hyperpigmented scars. Acne scars are of two types
1)hyperpigmented scars(PIH)
2)pitted scarring.
For pitted scarring -Laser treatment is an apt procedure.Fractional laser is best for this purpose.


@rajeev – Thanks Rajeev. On some products (Hexilak, Mederma, kelo cote, etc) it is written for use on acne scars.. so got confused.


@ashu6074 My brother got a scar from stitches on his face so he has been using kelacote silicon gel since 15 days now and I would say there is definitely improvement in his scar but then I am not sure if it will work on acne. Hope this helps 🙂


Thank you Manushree 🙂


@manushree,@ashu6074,Hypertrophic scars(burn scars,stitch marks,accident wounds etc) are charactercised by excessive production of collagen at the healing site.these are also known as raised scars.silicone gels(kelacote etc)works well on hypertrophic scars.dont use it on PIH and pitted scars.

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