Skin Care regimen for remaining acne and dark spots?


My Current Skin Care regime is not helping me much , I still get acne on my forehead and sometimes cheeks. I have some acne marks on my face and each new acne adds on to it .  Are there better alternatives compared to what i am doing below  ?

Shaving gel : Was using Gillette , changed to Cetaphil for last 2 months .

Face wash : Keracnyl . Using  2 times a day and each time i wash my face 2 times as I don not feel its clean enough in one go. I have been using is for last 6 years.

Sunscreen : Was using Neutrogena dry touch , now changed to Lotus Matte Gel for last 2 months . But my skin is still becoming darker by the day (the pictures shows it clearly ) :(.

Moisturizer : Pathanjali Aloe vera  gel . I use in in the day after bath and before the sunscreen .

Night cream : Keracnyl  skin regulating cream for last 2 months .

I am not using any acne cream . Should i ?

What else can I do . I want to get rid of my acne and acne marks and if possible a little fairer 😉


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hi riteesh..zr_1312 has suggested what i was going to suggest..
everything sounds fine..
look into link for shaving details

12+ Shaving Tips for Men with Acne on Face and Neck

neutrogena dry touch is comedogenic sunscreen..
for your main concern check out this article cpp regimen for lightening of scars..

CPP Process to Get Rid of Dark Spots Fast

as mentioned u can include a de pigmentation cream like carofit etc to lighten your scars..options are listed in the link..
u can also try dietary supplements like baidyanath rakt shodak for acne..for more info check this link

6+ Ayurvedic Acne Treatment Remedies in India

if u feel keracynl facewash is not cleansing then look into these options

8+ Face Cleansers for Oily to Very Oily Skin


Hi, is carofit ultra better dan aziderm?


A big thank you to Zr_1312 and Tejupriya. Let me try and include the things you suggested, hope it helps. Will update you in a few weeks. Thanks again.


cool riteesh,hope your skin clears soon ..take care 🙂


Hi Zr, you mentioned that Lotus sunscreen broke you out . Whisch sunscreen would you recommend ? Ideally the one whoich is not sticky ( like Suncote) and does not give a white cast !


angel suncros perhaps..

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