Sleep, Stress and Acne


Hey Guys!

Being a 12th grader i’m faced with a lot of exams. So whenever exams are around I stay up the whole night/sleep for 2-3 hours and go under a lot of stress.

I have observed that it causes many pimples to me. I get huge under the skin pimples which are REALLY painful.

I have been doing meditation for the past 2-3 months but to no avail.


Anyone else facing these problems?What can be the remedies?

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Hiya Rahul, your observation isn’t fat-fetched. Stress and resulting sleep-deprivation can lead to acne, as research has shown. You could read more about it in this post. Buteyko Breathing is an easy way to calm down, banish anxiety and relax. Perhaps you could give it a try.

This video shows a simple 4 minute breathing exercise which you can follow along at any time. This kind of breathing sends more oxygen throughout your cells, so you relax, mind clears and stress comes down almost instantly. It will also reduce your sleep requirement over time since the body starts to function and use oxygen more efficiently.


Hi rahul,
Happens to me too! If am under stress or deep anxiety then i always observe a cyst or two in the following days.
Thanks AM.,this video could come handy for me too

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