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Any one using SLS-free shampoo and conditioner. Kindly share your experiences…Any idea about Giovanni ??


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You know, I’m currently using a fantastic shampoo that uses Sodium Laureth Sulphate (as opposed to Sodium LauRYL Sulphate, which is what I think SLS stands for?? Sodium Laureth Sulphate is SLES).


Anyway, I am using Shwarkopf products, which are SLES and not SLS. They are fantastic, but expensive. (You’re paying atleast 600/- for a bottle of whatever, and sometimes as much as 800/- and I think their heat-protectant is over 1k. Phew!)

So. Expensive, but FANTASTIC. My hair is in a bad state due to stress and a period of not taking my usual care (oils, serums, food, the lot), and I am seeing small but immediete results after three weeks of Shwarkopf products.


I have heard very good things about L’Oreal professional (the stuff you get in salons), Matrix (smae parent company as L’Oreal) and Giovanni products, but the thing with all of them is that they are expensive. I mean, I saved up for two months before going all out on my current regimen of Shwarkopf (shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and heat-protectant!).


You could also look at products made for coloured hair, since they tend to have lower SLS and generally be kinder, because treated hair is ultra weak and sensitive and brittle.


I think Himalaya Herbals have a protein shampoo that is SLS and Paraben free? And the Body Shop Rainforest range  and all of the Herbal Essence ranges have excellent reviews, though I dunno what their ingredients are like.


If you have oily hair, check out the shikakai shampoos – there is at least one, I shall come back to this post and let you know its name since I’ve forgotten it right now, there is at least one that says it is SLS and paraben free. (Don’t use these if you have a dry scalp or brittle hair, Shikakai just dries you out further and then you have dry scalp dandruff and new problems!)


TIGI is also a good brand for your hair, with LOADS of options depending on your hair type.


I’m sorry I’m being a shit and not recommending any budget products. Outside of HH I don’t know anything even mildly affordable. 🙁


I was using Schwarzkopf shampoos, they are good, hairfall was less with “BC smooth and shine”and “Repair and rescue” “But they are not silicone free and i felt the chemicals build up in my scalp.

TBS rainforest range is both SLS, SLES and silicone free.

and there is Organix and Loccitane..

havent tried organix. using Loccitane now and liked it.


Try Organix range. They are SLS, SLES and paraben free and are easily available online, price ranging from 380(discounted) to 725 INR.


My hair is of dry and frizzy type 🙁 🙁 i want smooth silky hair 😀 will Giovanni give soft hair? ?


There`s organic surge priced around 600 bucks – pretty good reviews they have.


Oh and himalaya protein shampoo`s good , but it dries out hair a bit – I need to oil and stuff to shampoo with that , and I dnt always have time for oiling…and body shop – it`s good but hair becomes oily on 2nd day – and I cant afford it right now. Too expensive XD

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