Some suggestions, queries for website.


Hii @acnemantra ! =D Like to say some points :

1. It will be better if you introduce EDIT and DELETE options so that ppl can EDIT and DELETE their comments and posts BY THEIR OWN ONLY. Because it happens sometimes that we write unnecessary things and realise it later or write offending words or things which are of no need at all. So, it will be good if you provide this option.

                          I know this suggestion has a downside that people may delete their posts, when they got their answer and thus it may deprive others to have access that post .For that, we can do 2 things-
(i). Just give “edit comment”, “delete comment” option as of now only. Later, you may think of introducing “delete post” option too.
(ii) Introduce delete post option also but when someone TRIES to delete HIS post,then a request page can pop out saying something like this – “Your post may help others too in later course of time, so think twice before deleting the post“.

NOTE : Here these options are for PERSONAL comments and posts. I mean, like facebook, ONLY YOU will be able to edit/delete your comment/post and no one else.

I know it may seem unnecessary suggestion but it will really help the material in community to be more specific.

2. Date and time of the comments are not shown as of now. You may start showing that too.

3. I went to Q&A part in my profile and “16 QUESTIONS” was written there saying that so far i have asked 16 questions. But there was only 10 questions listed there and the rest ones were not there. I thought of something like “PAGE 2” or “NEXT PAGE” to see the next questions but i could not. What to do??

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Good suggestions nerd!

About point 1, I agree with you. I wanted to tell AM (or told already) about this edit option.

point 2, I check the dates and time in the e-mails I get. So in no hurry to see this happening before many other things, (which are important!)

point 3, I wondered about that too. But it’s okay!


I do not check my emails! I dnt actually remember which one i used to register here. 😛 I just login here directly! So, thats y, i thought of writing the 2nd point.

Actually, i wanted to see if there are some more comments in any of my questions. Thats y wrote the 3rd point.


Hiya Nerd, @akshaykshardul Akshay, good suggestions all. We’re currently contemplating moving to a bigger, proper forum software and ditch this question-answer format. That should make it easier to edit / delete etc. It is common in forums to not allow editing after say 5 minutes of posting stuff or show a note saying this entry was edited etc. That may still be better than having no editing at all.

Date and timestamp will come with new forums.

Profile not showing all the q&a is a bug in the software that we use. That will take some tweaking of code to show pagination. It is a pending item. 🙂


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