Sotret gel seems to be better than Nexret


HI there,
iam 33years old and get acne every now and then,due to super oily skin and fluctuating hormones coz of pcos.
I find that sotret gel does a better job at controlling new acne
than the more popular tretinoin-A gel.Sotret gel is nothing but the topical form of isotretinoin.
I jus apply it at night everyday al over the acne prone areas,whether i have acne or not. I also apply pernox gel 2.5 during the day for two hours.Is there anything i can add to this regimen ,to prevent acne from forming?i jus wish i had dry skin
Thank you.

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Thanks so much kriya for the T bact suggestion. Will certainly try it. I remember using it on my son many years back when he got a nose carbuncle ( boil) so I guess it should work on anything bacterial!  great option, thanks dear!


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