Started treatment on Tufacne (Isotretinoin) , 1 week done. Please review


Hi All 🙂

I am a male who is facing acne issue for 9-10 years. Face + chest +back acne.
My face acne has reduced considerably on its own. Only around jawline and near nose (T area) the active volcanoes are still there.
The bad luck doesnt end here. In 12th class i got severe chicken pox and i have (lighter in color than my skin tone) raised marks on chest and back.
I visited a skin clinic in Bangalore, Indiranagar. The doc told me to go for Tufacne 20mg for 5-6 months and then go for CO2 laser for hypertrophic scars of chicken pox. She said laser will subside them 50% .
I started Tufacne on the same night and covered myself with sunscren and umbrella when going to office.
I have also bought Sebamed cleansing foam on my own , reading its reviews from here.

So here is my average daily routine-
Morning — Sebamed foam ->bath-> Dr Reddy Shadowz SPF 30 -> Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer(No SPF)

Afternoon — Clean and clear pimple clearing face wash -> Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer with SPF 15 ->Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer(No SPF)

Night — Sebamed foam –> bath –> Neutrogena moisturizer(No SPF)

After 1 week i have slight flaky dry skin on my face. My lips are still not dry !!!
Face is clear and back and chest are ok.
I get a little stingy sensation on few parts of face upon applying Neutrogena  moisturiser with SPF 15… I guess thats normal.

Can some one please guide me if there is anything wrong or missing here… also what else i can do for acne or hypertrophic scars because CO2 will be only 50% effective.

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Hi back2normality (fun name!), since you are on isotretinoin the comedogenic (pore-clogging) nature of skincare products will not be too much of a problem since isotretinoin pretty much dries up all the oil – no oil, no acne. Isotretinoin isn’t the best option for everyone, but since the extent of acne includes your chest and back and face, it could be the right choice for you.


I’m not sure if  Dr Reddy Shadowz SPF 30 is non-comedogenic. Do run its ingredient list through Skingredients to rule out any comedogenic ingredients that may spoil the results for you. Clean & Clear Face Wash is majorly comedogenic, so it will be good to change over to a non-comedogenic face wash. Neutrogena Oil-free Moisturizer with SPF 15 is comedogenic and has been reported to cause breakouts. The non-SPF version is much less so. Check out alternatives from sunscreens in the reviews section.


Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin is one option. For a more thorough cleanse, you could use Fash foam or Kaya Soothing Cleansing Gel or Himalaya Neem Purifying, depending on your choice / budget.


Some people are using A-Derma Foaming Gel here and finding it works well for them.


Also, before going in for the CO2 laser, be sure to check with your doctor about the risk of hyper pigmentation and if they have any photos to show of their previous patients who underwent CO2 laser. CO2 laser is one of the intensive lasers which can lead to hyper pigmentation issues in brown (Indian) skin. This hyper pigmentation usually subsides in a few weeks, but sometimes it doesn’t.


Also, as you say, whether 50% improvement is worth it or not is something for you to consider. I’d say, stick to what you have going on currently, and then 5-6 months down the line, see where you stand. Then take it from there.


If you start an isotretinoin log, like @kev85 ( and @direct2taiba (, you will be able to keep tabs on your progress as well as exchange notes with fellow isotretinoin-ers. 🙂


Which clinic in Bangalore did you visit?


Hi AM 🙂
I went to Skin Clinic in IndiraNagar on CMH Road (opp to Manyawar). The female doc there was nice and friendly. Though we took appointment and went on time, it was like a queue there. We had to wait for 1 hr. I think we can just call them and take appointment any time of the day, while the site shows all slots filled.

Thanks for your suggestions. I ordered AHAGlow from HealthkartPlus. Healthkart is now like BigBazar for me. All my proteins and other supplements and now acne stuff also coming from them.
For face wash what i use is this –
I dont think it’ll be comedogenic. Dr Reddy’s sunscreen i checked through your app and that is non comedogenic.
I’ll make this post only as my log 🙂

Day 12 –
Still no signs of drying skin or chapped lips. !!! Am i the lucky one or 20mg is too less dose… ?!
Anyway, the effect is clearly visible. My face is 95% clear. My chest and back 80%. I had such a good time when i was in korea few months ago. Maybe the cold temp and pollution free environment helped me 🙂
Religiously applying sunscreen and using cap + umbrella while coming to office. It is weird for a male to carry a green Umbrella .. 😛 My friends make fun … people stare … but i dont care now.. They dont care about my skin .. i dont care about their opinions 🙂
Why is there no dry skin !!! I have already ordered extra moisturizers !!


PS – I have also bought Vitamin D3 capsules.
So now as my multivitamin tablets(Supradyn) are dangerous for me( It has Vit A) , so i am taking only Calcium, Vit D3, Vit C, Zinc supplement, Seacod.
Thinking of buying Vitamin B Complex too.


Hi @back2normality, Is your doctor Sujaya Hegde? She is my doctor too. Great to know  that you are having 95% improvement, that is a miracle in 12 days even with isotretinoin. I am very happy for you coz people are struggling with dryness, chapped lips, hair fall etc with isotretinoin side effects & your acne has cleared so miraculously minus all this 🙂 Awesome!

Which Zinc supplement are you taking? Just do a double check on your vitamins, aren’t you taking too many? Maybe one multivitamin with a zinc supplement should do na?  Just my thoughts since a doctor who is my best friend advised me that too many supplements cause harm in the long run.


Hi LD 🙂
Ohh god.. I forgot to put her name. Yes my Doctor is also the very friendly and warm Sujaya Hegde.
My roommate took isotretinoin before but he stopped in between due to dryness and hairloss. So he warned me of the side effects. I thought for so many years i was red faced … lets be white for few months 😛 Since I also read that isotretinoin cures it too in many cases, so i was ready for the side effects.
I also started eating Peanut butter after dinner and then i take my medicine. It is written on it that it should be taken with fatty meal.
My zinc supplement is from Vitamin Shoppe 50mg. Vitamin D3 also same 1000IU.
This comment that supplements are not good for us … i get from a lot of people. 🙂
But if i ask these people, have they googled how much calcium, zinc, protein, etc we need everyday and those values which we see are the minimum which will prevent deficiency.
Are we all taking these values daily from our food. If you check you wont get adequate amount of protein even 2 days a week. Zinc is deficient in almost all. Specially in veg diet people these things are more prominent.
Now one can say , i am eating a fruit bowl or cornflakes everyday and they are healthy and i am not seeing any protein deficiency.
I would say .. maybe .. human body is good enough to work nicely( sit in frnt of PC , walk, jog) with such diet. But my theory is when you can upgrade your nokia 3310 to Note3 by eating reqd amount of vitamins and proteins (even by supplements) .. then why settle for nokia3310 🙂

I used to take multivitamin on alternate day and zinc 1-2 a week. Now multivitamin is banned for me because of Tufacne med. Whey protein is made of milk. It is a natural thing and sportsperson , olympic athletes all consume supplements. Our food cannot supply us high amount of nutrients required unless we eat like Bheem which would also mean a hell lot of calories too . In India the focus on health and nutrition is not there. Girls dont eat protein rich food or enough iron and calcium. They think they are …. but if you calculate it seriously .. it wont b enough
PS – i am going to gym for 3 years and aim to improve my physique more.
Sorry for the long reply …. I also talk a lot on such fav topics of mine 😛


@back2normality, Hey no issues man, I like your long talk on this 🙂 A friend of mine does the same thing like you, he takes quite a bit of supplements along with whey protein & other stuff & Omega 3’s, Vit D,C,B etc.  He is a meat eater too & makes sure to eat lean meats, steamed fish & other good stuff & is an avid gymmer & body builder for the past several years.

Bottom line though is – when you take so many supplements & vitamins, how do you judge it’s effectiveness? You should feel energetic, strong, fall sick less frequently , stay positive & healthy. If you do feel all this, then Yes, of course it’s helping you. But I don’t find the difference between me & him. If anything at all, In fact, I believe he gets tired soon, has bouts of cold, sneezing & virals 3 to 4 times every year,gets back issues, digestion issues etc !

Though I agree with you principally that health & nutrition does not get the importance it deserves in India, I also tend to feel that sometimes too much of anything  can be an overkill. I am myself debating on the use of supplements & am still unsure & hesitant whether I should start taking  separate vitamins to address key areas. Hence my question to you, hope you did not take it any other way!

Of course each one is entitled to their opinion & I completely respect your views on this.

Good luck with your regimen & keep posting!


Good to know you listen to people with open mind 🙂
I am taking all this for a long time and i get sick only by viral once a year(which i consider as an important upgrade of my internal anti virus system 😛 )  or a cold during changing seasons. I am also concerned of side effects so i dont take these everyday except Calcium as i have stopped dairy products due to acne. I am energetic and more so during the end of the day near my workout. I also eat clean with sugar only before my workout in custard and juice.
No back issues since the day i started deadlift exercise (Ask him if he does deadlifting and Squats).
People dont like gym as they think it is unnatural and boring … and go for bodyweight exercises and yoga.  No issues in that but we all are too weak relatively to our bodyweight while starting .. weights give us flexibility of choosing our start point and improving from there on.
Going to gym and being serious towards it are totally different. My other passion of sketching taught me …. just dont draw… observe what you are doing … take a feedback … watch the outcome and rectify it ….  Same is done while exercising. Life is lot more fun .. when you are happy after you have done what you love .. and pushed yourself till you became red (not by acne ofcorz 😉 )
Some references –



I can understand where you are coming from buddy 🙂 I do weight & strength training 4 times a week & do cardio on other days! I am a long distance runner &  participate in half marathons & 10k runs regularly. I do see people coming into the Gym & aimlessly lifting weights or cycling with no proper regimen or knowledge. So I know what it means to push oneself ( those last 2 kms of the run can be the most excruciating)

Touch wood, I don’t fall sick very often too ( but all this without the supplements:)

Just kidding, am seriously considering adding Zinc & Vitamin D back to my diet. How do you take calcium? are you taking calcimax?

Whey protein – do you have it post work out in form of a milk shake?


If you do regular training and regular 10k .. then Hats off 🙂 You are doing good and have a good immunity too. I dont run because it causes me to lose weight 😛 I’ll run when i am on fat loss diet.

For calcium i take Shelcal capsule 500mg and Vit D3 after my lunch. Whey is a must postworkout. I take 2 scoops with water with other amino acids.
Apart from that… 1 shake in the morning after i get up with bananas and 6-8 egg white in evening preworkout.(Yolk i think caused breakouts for me)


Hello @acnemantra

🙂 🙂
Two important things i want to ask –
a)  I am not able to find a good spf30 or more non comedogenic sunscreen in bangalore ie Zoray Aquagel 🙁
Do you know any site ??

b) If you remember my case( you can read the first post about chicken pox marks), the doc told me about CO2 laser. In few of the posts I have read about – silicone gels(kelacote etc) and Hexilak for raised scars (though mine are chicken pox scars not acne scars which are raised),

So would it be ok if i try these gel before the CO2 laser treatment as right now I am on isotretinoin for 5 more months. So laser treatment is around 8-9 months away (if i go for that). Should i upload a pic of my raised scars in my profile?


Hi Back to Normality, you might try asking for Sebamed Suncare Spray SPF 30 or La Shield at one of the The Skin Store stores. You could also visit and ask them for store locations. Otherwise Sebamed Suncare Spray is available from online shopping websites as well. Check out healthkart, flipkart, nykaa and medplusbeauty.

Do feel free to upload your pics. The media upload option in your profile exists for that exact purpose. 🙂 You can actually keep your isotretinoin log of pimples and later CO2 if you like.

Silicone gels can soften the scar tissue and somewhat improve the appearance of sunken scars also. It is worth a shot since laser is months away.

Not all B vitamins from B complex are acne-friendly. Excess of B12 can actually cause more pimples. You might still add it to your routine since Tufacne should shield you against acne while you still get the benefit of the B vitamins. Next time you go for a blood test (those on isotretinoin should be getting them done for liver enzymes etc.) ask for serum zinc and copper as well if you are considering supplementing with zinc.


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