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Heyy AM and Teju,

as suggested, i used suncote and lotus 3 in 1 matte look spf 40 sunscreens. Lotus is good , it gives a matte look but after an hr , it starts to make face oily and even dark. i don’t know why it is happening because you  told me it will not make face oily and dark.

Then tell me what should i do or tell me any other sunscreen which doesn’t make face oily and dark and even sticky like suncote.


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Yes suncote is sticky but it is a small compromise as it doesnt make face oily or leave a white cast..rahul we can only give suggestions not guarantees..tons of information and options available on acnemantra,rest is your call..


Hi Rahul, sunscreens turning the face oily is a problem that some people face no matter what the sunscreen. It is made even more difficult because options for acne prone skin are very very limited. The same sunscreen can behave differently depending on weather conditions (humidity), skin oiliness and presence of other products in the regimen.

If your skin is not highly acne prone, you could give Lotus Herbals Matte Gel a shot, but again, no one can guarantee that your skin will remain matte. Suncote is performing pretty well on some faces and on some others (mostly guys, they have oilier skin) it is creating a bit of oily cast.

At this point, at this budget, this is one of the best options we know. So I guess you’ll just have to try out and see. Please also remember that what we offer is information and we’re here to help you because of the goodness of our hearts. Please don’t make it sound like we owe you information or anything. 🙂


Hiii AM

i know you are giving me right suggestion according to your knowledge and the best you can give.

here i want to know that Is there will be any problem, if my skin is highly acne prone and if i use Lotus Herbals matte gel ..???

please suggest me. do i use it or leave it ??

even Teju had suggested me to use it because it is in gel form.



hi u know there are limited product options for oily/acne prone skin..if suits u or not is more of a trial and error method..
there are good options for oil control like sulphur soaps etc..if u try that,may be then oiliness wont be much of hindrance and sunscreen might work u..

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